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Hero Vinyl for BMW E36 mod

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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This vinyl I made to make my personal gameplay more enjoyable.
After few days of playing with it I have decided to share it, because I know that
it is a pain in the *** to find vinyls for custom made cars.
I might also consider to rework all the vinyls for this particular car, so that they are showing properly.

Known bugs:
Don't use it as a UNIQUE vinyl, it for some reason crashes my game.
I suggest to use this as a CONTEST vinyl.

Credits and final notes:
This vinyl is not made by or supported by EA Games. All rights
belong to their respective owners. This vinyl is not for commercial use.
I'd appreciate it if you credit me as the author of this vinyl (not the creator
of the design itself) by writing my name somewhere or posting
a link to download this vinyl, if you want to share this vinyl on other websites.
I'm not responsible for any problems that using this vinyl may cause, use it at your own risk.

Special thanks to:
CodeZero for creating this awesome car for NFS:MW 2005
Download link to mod:

Tools used:
-NFS Most Wanted mod tools by Arushan
-NFS-TexEd by
-Adobe Photoshop
-DDS to PNG converter

Hero Vinyl for BMW e36 mod
Created by DEF profile name: DEF profile name: DEF
March 10, 2018

Thanks for downloading!



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