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Peugeot 307 WRC

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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NP Design
NFS V Porsche Unleashed : Peugeot 307 WRC (version 1)

This is a Peugeot 307 WRC for NFS 5, Total polycount is just over 5000 polys

Used Editors:

- Z modeler (Crp filter)
- FCE tweak
- Fce Finish 2
- Car cad 1.5
- MS Paint
- Adobe Photoshop CS
- File Editor (NFS 5)
- carsuite for nfs 5

- WRC Textures (I tried to get the textures as accurate as possible, still some bugs though that i need to fix, The original texture size was 2048x2048 but Due to limitations of NFS 5 I Had to scale it down to 512x512)
- High Detail interior
- High Poly Driver (john Doe from NFS 6) Next update will have a rally driver and co driver
- Opening Trunk (there is no engine thats modelled so its no use having an opening Hood)
- Dashboard View
- Working Light Dummies

Still planned:
- Lots

- versions for Nfs 3 & 4 of this car is complete i just need to add minor details to it and then upload it.


Driver's arm has a clipping problem but only in the garage (his left arm sticks through the clothing)

NB* The Sim file is not accurate, if anyone is willing to make an accurate sim file (with accurate performance) i'l appreciate it.

If u see any other bugs feel free to drop me an E-mail @ or

Instalation procedures:

Instalation procedures:
Unzip the crp and tpg to gamedata/carmodel
Unzip the sim to the gamedata/simulation/cardata
Unzip the savefile to savedata. Then use the carsuite to transfer it to which ever save you like.

Me (obviously)
Base 3D model created by Johny for CMR 2
Some Detailing and Textures taken From Colin Mcrae Rally 2 and 3
Arushan for the crp filter
Electronic Arts for making The NFS Series


U can use this car as a base for future projects as long as u give credit to me as one of the original Authors.

© 2009. NP Design. All Rights Reserved.
© 2000. Electronic Arts. All Rights Reserved.


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