Well today is the launch of the first official raceday put on by EA in partnership with Castrol.

Check out the Raceday page Here. Join in and Good Luck to all participants.

The event is being held for 24 hours, ending at 1am PST, Thursday, December 20, 2007.

Once again "NFSPlanet" gets news to us before anyone else.

The PC Patch has finally been released.

((Xbox Booster Pack Unknown Dont ask))

The announced patch for Need for Speed ProStreet was finally released today. There are no release-notes yet, but according to earlier statements from EA, it should contain several bug fixes and the long awaited LAN-mode.

With more than 200 MB it's a quite big patch, which you can download from the EA server on the following page. The files will be available on our servers soon.

Please note the difference between the DVD- and the EA Store Version. Most of you will need the DVD-patch, in case you own the DVD. ;)


The patch contains the Booster Pack, which is presented as a christmas present from EA and Coke Zero for all gamers. The Booster Pack contains two new tracks, new events, and an extended career mode. So you can find there the new cars 2007 SEAT Leon Cupra and 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, as well as the certified Porsche test track in Leipzig and the Tokyo Expressway in Japan.

Minor clip of release notes:

This patch adds LAN (Local Area Network) play to the PC version of Need for Speed ProStreet.

LAN Play Overview:

This patch introduces multiplayer game play in a standalone LAN environment. Up to 32 games of 2-8 players per game are supported. The patch has two components:
- Updated ProStreet game client
- New ProStreet LAN Server

- ProStreet PC LAN Game Server is a separate application that must be started before attempting to use LAN Play.
- Run one server only per LAN. Only one ProStreet PC LAN Game Server is required per LAN. Each server can host up to 32 games.

NFS ProStreet Patches

EA Download Links

NFS Planet Download Links
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 English (227.3 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 German (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 French (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 Italian (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 Rest of Europe (227.3 MB)

NFSCars Download Links
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 English (227.3 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 German (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 French (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 Italian (228 MB)
NFS ProStreet Patch v1.1 Rest of Europe (227.3 MB)

Now that NFS ProStreet has been released, Electronic Arts will be adding content to the game.

A Booster Pack will be released in mid December (no exact date mentioned), which adds 2 new tracks and 16 new cars to the game - and the best thing is: the download is free!

The Booster Pack contains two new tracks, the Tokyo Speedway and the Porsche Test Tracks in Leipzig, Germany. As well, this package contains 16 new cars from 13 manufacturers. Among them you'll find the Audi R8, Aston Martin DBR9, Koenigsegg CCX, Plymouth Road Runner, SEAT Leon Cupra, McLaren F1, Honda S2000 and of course the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which is making its video game debut in Need for Speed ProStreet.

The Booster packs should be available in mid December on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PLAYSTATION STORE, and the EA Store.

In this short video John Doyle, Producer of NFS ProStreet presents the new Booster pack and some information about them.

EA has put online the MYProStreet Page, which allows any user to see your statistics, your car gallery, and everything else ProStreet.

You will require having an EA account for your PC or Xbox Gamertag (ps3 possible???)

now its hard to describe the features, so I'd rather let you just go and check it out for yourself.


1 and a half hour ago the game got officially released on EASTORE, buy and download your copy here!

and dont forget to share your screenshots and rides on the forums and the showroom ;)

SpikeTV, our favorite GUY's channel, will be releasing an hour long documentary about Pro Street, and the way the Real Life Culture has inspired the most recent installment.

It will air on Saturday November 10th, at 1AM EST, as well, Im certain if you will not be able to watch it, we will try to get it to all of you.

As Well, NFS.com has also released a New NFS Consultants Blog by Marc De Vellis, who has worked with EABlackbox since the concept of Underground, and has helped EABB develop the physics for ProStreet.
you can read it Here

It wouldnt be much of an update if I didnt include the Xbox360 Achievement list available for ProStreet this yet.

You can browse through those at achieve360points

So, this wouldn't be much of an Update if I didnt include a video.
So I present to you the Damage Diary. as well as links to the previews for Chapter 1 and 2 of the Birth of Prostreet Documentary mentioned above.

The Birth of ProStreet Chapter 1 Preview
The Birth Of ProStreet Chapter 2 Preview

Last but not least, I currently do not have the time to download and reupload 36 Newer images of ProStreet, (mainly cars you have, or have not seen), so I'll link them to you until someone can get me an email with all of them zipped, or mike gets them when he has a few minutes to spare.
[edit: i uploaded them, you can take a look at them in the pro street / Screenshots section - Rick.]

until then They are here

Thats it for now, 1 week left guys.. get your pennies counted, and I hope to see you online when I get a chance to get on.

We are looking for 10 people to give the NFS: Pro Street EA Moderator Achievement to this year so the first 10 people that respond to this thread that will be getting the game on either the Xbox 360 or PC will get the achievement.

Sorry for the PS3 owners, but its only available for Xbox 360 and PC.

Remember only respond if you are sure you are going to get the game on the Xbox 360 or PC.

Please post which console you will be buying the game for, Xbox 360 or PC and the game copy must be a legit copy. I will also need your Xbox 360 tag name or your EA Nation name for PC.

Gametrailers has released another video this time describing more about the Raceday 'festivals'.

Its a little shorter than it should've been as it doesnt show enough of the game itself..
but this is one of the TV commercials produced for NeedForSpeed Pro Street.
This one is hosted by gametrailers.




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