Gamespot has a new Need For Speed: Pro Street video which Justin Wiebe (Associate Producer) explains the drag racing in game.

The video also has a few scenes showing the drag racing in game.

Check it out here if the above video does not work.


I had the opportunity once again to preview Need For Speed: Pro Street at the EA Blackbox studio in Vancouver Canada at the 2nd community day of the year. Over the course of this preview I will talk about what I learned and what my thoughts are so far on pro street.

Career Mode

They know that last year's Need For Speed: Carbon was really too short. This year it will roughly take 20 hours to go through the game without completing everything (100%) if you want to complete everything it will generally take you 40-50 hours of game play time.

You will start out in a modified car so you won’t be starting a non stock car this time around.

The street racing scene is now leaving the streets and going to legal sanctioned racing due to the high costs and penalties associated with illegal street racing. There will be 3 main tiers / groups of racing and you start first at the bottom where you must qualify for battle machine. The racing events are ran by racing ORGS which consist of Battle Machine (Multi Disciplinary), Rogue Speed (Drag), React (Multi Disciplinary), Nitrocide (Speed), Noise Bomb (Drift), and Super Promotion.

As you compete in the events and win races you will eventually be invited to the showdown where if you win you will unlock the next ORG body. When you progress though the game and do well in the events you will be invited to specialty events to try competing against the specialists for example the Drag King in the Rogue Speed ORG.

The main goal in the game is to become the Street King (king of racing).


The environment is really impressive. There are 15 different types of daytime alone. The tracks look awesome visually and are really fun to drive.

When you happen to go off the highway in the Nevada desert you actually feel as if you have because of everything flying up around you. It's especially fun to go flying into the cactus and watching them break apart as you tear through them but you really should be on the road :)

LAN Mode, Replays, Misc

For us PC players where were told that lan mode will be available in NFS: Pro Street but it won’t be in on the launch title. It will become available later as a patch.

Unfortunately replays did not make it into the game due to time constraints and not being where they wanted to be with the replays. It sucks.

Blueprints sound like a really cool aspect of the game. I talked about this a little before in my last preview. There will be leader boards for blueprints so if you have a great blueprint and gave it to another friend and he does well with it. You will be credited with it on the leader board as the blueprint being yours. I believe there are 4 modes of blueprints. The customization in the game this year is fairly outstanding I really cannot wait to get to tune every variable of my car.

The NOS is not like it was in carbon or most wanted. It comes in shots like it should and you have the ability to buy how many shots you want it will also not have a affect on your speed if you are already at top speed.

This year there will be a Dyno which is a Full Physics Sim. Basically after you tune your car performance wise it will take it out to a track and run it with your settings and give you the results back. This all happens basically within 5 seconds.

As for the other online stuff. We still have no word on it but probably in a month or so we will get some more information on the multiplayer side.

Game Modes

We had the chance to play 3 game modes. The first game mode I will be talking about is the drag racing mode which is one of my favorites.

Drag Racing Mode

Now for everyone that played most wanted I am sure you remember how much the drag racing mode sucked. It was basically like a 3D version of frogger but you can just forget about that because what NFS: Pro Street is bringing to the table for drag racing is absolutely fantastic.

The drag racing is actually true drag racing now. Each drag racing round contains 3 races with your average time calculated at the end of those 3 races. Before each race you will have basically a mini game where you have to warm up your tires to get the best possibly grip for your launch when the drag racing starts. Imagine bringing your Plymouth barracuda to the track with almost 800 HP. If you do well in warming up your tired and hit your gears correctly when racing your car will most likely lift up in 1st and 2nd gear and sometimes even 3rd gear if you are really good. I spent most of my time playing testing out this mode and I was really satisfied with it. I think drag racing will be a big part and one of the most popular parts of NFS: Pro Street.

Grip Mode

The grip mode is an 8 car race around tracks in NFS: Pro Street. We had the opportunity to race on one of the configurations of the autobahn track with assists on and off. The assists will allow anyone with minimal racing experience to just jump in the driver’s seat and go racing without the worry of when to brake and how properly corner your car.

You can also race with no assists for all you hardcore racers out there and potentially be faster then you would be with assists on. This will allow everyone racing to be fairly completive against each other.

They also told us they are pretty impressed with the WII version which they have a producer dedicated to working on the controls and say it will be one of the best racing games on the WII.

Speed Challenge

I have to say Speed Challenge is one of the other fun modes and actually fairly challenging as well. It took be a few tries to actually complete one of these events but the build of the game we where playing was adjusted a bit on the hard side.

The track I had the opportunity to race on was a configuration of the Nevada track and it was a really long track but from what a producer told me it's not the longest configuration of the track. The objective of the mode is to post the highest speed at each checkpoint to have the highest cumulative speed at the end of the race.

The cars act like they should if you are tearing down the road at 180mph. If you make a mistake and then over correct you will probably lose control of your car and take a new position of a stunt driver as your car goes rolling over the rocky and rough terrain of the Nevada desert. I have to say I am quite pleased with this mode and the fun factor it brings to the game.


The demo will be coming out sometime early October so keep an eye out for it starting in October. You won't want to miss it. There should be a PS3, Xbox 360 and PC demo.

Overall I am really pumped up on how Need For Speed: Pro Street is turning out. The drag racing mode alone would get me to play the game. has a exclusive for NFS: Pro Street which is featuring the smoke in game.

The trailer is about 40 seconds long there is also a new logo on the trailer.

You can view or download the trailer by clicking here

There is a picture pack now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace which features the girls of Need for Speed ProStreet.

Customize your online identity with these gamer pictures featuring the girls of Need for Speed ProStreet.

The cost is 150 MS points.


E3 is underway and gamespot has some updates on Need For Speed Pro Street.

Visually, the big story about ProStreet is the smoke. When you burn rubber in ProStreet, the smoke looks absolutely amazing. It circles around the tires realistically and, most importantly, it lingers. If you burn out long enough, the smoke will start to impede even the cockpit view, and the smoke diffuses everything you're trying to see. It's a very neat effect that makes spinning doughnuts pretty exciting. Of course, how often you'll actually be able to get loose while trying to win races remains to be seen.

On top of all this is an improved artificial intelligence system that reacts to your actions and gives each racer its own personality. Racers will make mistakes and display different levels of aggression. We're looking forward to seeing how all this comes together when the game ships to stores later this year.

You can read the whole article here

Additionally gamespot has a 3 minute video of NFS: Pro Street which you can view here

We also have a few more screenshots, you can view all the screenshots here

1163190788.jpg1163190793.jpg posted an article that reveals some more of the cars to make it to Need For Speed: Pro Street

2006 Audi RS4
2008 BMW M3
1995 Mazda RX-7
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR-edition
Nissan GT-R Proto
1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
1986 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86
2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI

You can read more here

We also have some new screenshots from yahoo games and also a video showing the new GT-R Proto. They also have a developer interview posted.

GT-R Proto
Developer Interview

Also the online video game magazine CVG posted a preview for NFS Pro Street, you can read the whole preview here.


You can view the rest of the screenshots here as well as the full size images.

Source: EA

Head to XBOX Live Marketplace and heat up your dashboard with a theme featuring the "Girls of Need for Speed ProStreet." Also available is the teaser trailer in it's full high-definition glory. Look for much more content coming to XBOX Live Marketplace in the weeks and months ahead!


Orginal Source

I have wrote about what we have so far learned about Need For Speed: Pro Street from the first nfs community day of the year.

You can read about it at the link below, please post your comments under this news article.

NFS: Pro Street Preview

You can also read the previews from some of our affiliate sites as well.

NFSGarage / NFSAddons


Ok first things first the next nfs title will be called Need For Speed: Pro Street as most already know.

Now we have not learned everything so far but what we have should be enough to you hold you over until the next round of information is released. First I am going to start with the basics.

So what's new?

New Culture

Basically the culture will be situated around the legal street racing culture such as people taking there cars to the tracks such as infinion and just running outright with what they have.

This could be your 1968 stock camaro or your tuned Mazda rx7. The goal is to become the king of the street which is grip king, drag king, showdown king, speed king and drift king. The culture has a vibrant look and feel and really is not focused on customizing the appearance of your car like the underground series but building your car for performance.

The game has a totally new physics engine. From what we where told this means the cars will actually handle as they do in real life but there still is that need for speed mix in it such as the assists which can be turned off for all you hardcore racers. They have also introduced new damage physics and new smoke model.

The ai will make mistakes such as wrecking and trashing there cars and they will not be able to catch up and you will not be able to as well. You make a mistake and it's big enough to cost you the race it most likely will.


The damage is quite elaborate from your fenders being dented to your hood being crumpled to your tire being ripped off. Damage will work in 3 different levels basically with level 1 being cosmetic, level 2 affecting aspects of your car such as aero performance or general top speed performance (this level is still being tweaked). Level 3 basically means you're done and won't be finishing the race.

After the end of each event you will have the option to repair your damage or leave it as is for those battle scars to show off to everyone.


The smoke effects have really been improved since the last version. The smoke will actually stick around now after you have been burning your tires and you will even loose your visual of your car and surroundings as it becomes thicker and thicker.


This time around we will be racing at real locations and tracks around the whole world from San Francisco to Tokyo. There will not been an open or free roam area this time.

The focus is more on tracks and certain locations where the street racing culture is currently situated and legal to race. There will be a wide selection of tracks and locations I have been told.


Largest car list of all need for speed titles26 ManufacturesOnly 8 super cars (which doesn't mean only 8 exotics)

We really have not seen that many of the cars so far in NFS: Pro Street so I really can't give you a good list but from what we have seen so far there is.

Mazda RX7Plymouth Barracuda

All the cars have all been remade for this title for the next gen system and I can tell you from what I saw the cars look great graphic and appearance wise. The whole car has been modeled from the engine to the drive shaft to the muffler there have also been new reflections created to give almost a photo look.

Car Customization

Now this area was focused on a lot and it is one of the items that will be brining a lot to the next title besides damage.

This year they have gone all out on customizing your car performance wise.

90+ part slots300+ tuning variables1000+ aftermarket parts250+ aftermarket companiesAll real aftermarket partsDyno your car for best performance

So you will be able to choose exactly what part you want in your engine such as the type of turbo and exactly how to tune it or what manifold to use, Mixing of different parts will be allowed and will have bonuses as well as negative effects. You can also choose different rims and tires you are not required to one set or brand for your whole car. Each part and tuning variable will have an affect on your car. Now if you are not interested in choosing exactly what parts you want on your car or how you want it tuned there will also be levels as there has been in previous versions for everyone out there that just wants to go fast right away without any hassle.

You also will have the ability to paint single parts (all of them).

Autosclupting will be allowed for every exterior part on your car as well but will also have affects on your aero and performance.

There will also be a real time wind tunnel / dyno to tune your car for the maximum performance this will also be very useful with autosclupting.

The body kits will be one piece this time and be more true to real world body kits.

Car Blueprints

This is something that will probably be fairly popular online. It basically allows you to trade with your freinds the blueprint of your car which means the exact parts and performance aspects of your car but the person you gave your blueprint too will never know exactly which parts you used. It seemed to be a little complicate but as more information is released we will get a better idea of the car blueprints.

Sound / Music

While racing you can tell when your pushing your car to its limit around turns by listening to the tires chirping and squelching.

The engine sounds also sound great as well to give you the feel that you are truly driving that type of car.

DJ Junky XL will be doing a lot or most of the music for the game. It's basically techno music from what I have heard and there will be different types for each culture / group.

Game Modes

The 4 game modes that we know of so far is

Speed RacingSpeed racing is going to be something along the lines of like the time modes in most wanted but without the time limit. The object of this mode is to maintain the fastest average speed to win the event and these events will be quite long from what I was told.
Grip RacingGrip racing is basically just circuit racing that’s all that I got from that.
Drift RacingBasically the same as before accept this time with the new physics engine means the drifting is actually more like drifting in real life.

Drag RacingDrag racing will be exactly what it is, drag racing except this time we won't have to deal with those pesky traffic cars and it will be nothing like underground and most wanted drag racing it will more true drag racing.

You will also be racing with a car setup exactly for each game mode so basically you will need a drag car for drag racing, a drift car for drifting etc.

Now for the things that will probably disappoint some there will be no cops or no open world / free roam in this title.

We did however get news of a replay mode making its way in which is good news.


We still have not heard much about the online stuff such as the modes but we did learn that the game has been built from the start with it in mind.


Pro Street will not have the cgi cut scenes or the story lines like most wanted and carbon had but the story will be more based on events around the world.

The game is set for a Fall 2007 release and will be released on the following platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Mobile.

Need For Speed: Pro Street is so far heading in the right direction and has a lot of promising features hopefully they won't disappoint us.

So that's all that we have learned so far from this community day, stay tuned and check the news often for updates coming in the near future!.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - May 31, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today that the blockbuster Need for Speedâ„¢ franchise is introducing a new version that drives the series in a new direction. Need for Speedâ„¢ ProStreet is a ground-breaking Need for Speed experience where you're thrust to compete head to head against the best street racers in a multitude of racing showdowns. The game is being developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver, B.C., and is slated to ship this fall.

"Need for Speed ProStreet accelerates street racing culture by providing the ultimate stage for the pursuit of street racing supremacy," said Executive Producer, Larry LaPierre. "This is a game about building the ultimate performance-tuned battle machine, taking it to multi-disciplinary showdowns all over the world and pitting your skills and reputation against the very best street racers."

Need for Speed ProStreet boasts impeccable precision and impressively detailed photo-realistic graphics, effectively transporting you to the center of the action. It pushes the "Autosculptâ„¢" technology to a new level, allowing you to directly impact your car's performance for the first time as well as personalize its appearance. Need for Speed ProStreet is a true taste of raw adrenaline and racing with consequences. Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle. With an aggressive and skilled AI system, you become immersed in an unmatched believable race experience. Add in a revolutionary online mode that will redefine the meaning of competitive social play, and Need for Speed ProStreet is the ultimate formula for an emotionally charged street racing showdown.

Need for Speed ProStreet will be available for Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Wii? as well as the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS™, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) handheld entertainment system, PC and mobile. More information can be found at Press can download assets at

The main NFS: Pro Street page is located here,

There are 5 screenshots and also an hd trailer available at the website.

Also today is the need for speed community day and I am currently in canada at the moment attending it. Expect more information later on today about NFS: Pro Street so check back!



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