If you happen to be near Los Angeles this evening, you might want to visit the Undercover Launch Event:


The first cheats for Undercover have been released, Unofficially I may add, and can be found On the forums or at NFSNation.

The codes have been verified to work with the 360 version, now if someone tests and verifies these for the pc, ps3 version, please let me know so I may update the thread.

Well the day has come for the north american release of Need For Speed: Undercover and only a couple more days for the european folks.

If you are looking for reviews, IGN has a Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 reviews up.

Once you have your copy be sure to participate in the Car Showroom

There is also a Need For Speed Undercover: Undercover mini game you can play as well.


Here is a video from gametrailers, which gives you a pretty good idea what the customization will be like in Undercover.

I have posted my review of Undercover for you all to read, and discuss.
You will find it Here in the forums.

The french site Succes Full and the site xbox360achievements have released the achievement list for Need for Speed Undercover,
you can view them all at either Succesfull or Xbox360achievements. There are 50 achievements for Undercover.

- Todays New car released in the Tri-City Carlot is the '99 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
check it out at the Tri-City Carlot.

The Tri City Carlot will be updating the list daily (during the week) from here forth.
The List has already been placed for this week, starting with the '06 Lotus Elise.

The other five have horsepower, front or rear drive, prices, and top speeds, which can leave you some speculations in which the cars will be.

For example: The car delivered October 21st has the description of,

$212,000, RWD, 530HP, 505 lbs/tq, Top Speed: 204mph
This could be any higher end exotic, but you will find out exactly what it is tomorrow.

Keep checking the Tri City Carlot for the most recent updates, and as always, the NFSCars Carlist is always available for a quick peek and discussions.

The new cars released in yesterday Tri City Car Lot update included:

'07 Audi TT
'06 Ford GT
'06 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR
'06 Koenigsegg CCX
'06 Aston Martin DB9
And a mysterious Unknown Car…what do you think it is?

As always you can check out the new cars Here.

Additionally you can go to the NFS Undercover - Official Car list Discussion thread on NFSCars Here.

Well, its that time again, and EA has released their next set of cars in the Tri-city Carlot.

The new cars are as follows:

'70 Plymouth Barracuda
'06 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
'06 Volkswagen Golf R32
'06 Mazda Speed 3
'96 Ford Escort Cosworth
'08 Mercedes CLS 63

Check them out Here.

You can also go to the forums, and see the full official list up to date Here.

EA has provided some new wallpapers for you all to enjoy.

they can be located at EA's Website.



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