Well, it is official, There will NOT be a demo for Undercover this year.

This was a deliberate decision made at the start of the Undercover development cycle. This was planned this way so that the team could devote their entire resources to the development of Undercover, being sure to bring the game to its peak performance capabilities.

Which brings us to the T-Minus 60 Day countdown.

A little news update.

Since there is a rumor out recently about the car list being out, I shall let everyone know. The list that is currently circulating IS indeed a fake. The most obvious way to tell is the Ferrari Enzo which was on the list.

However, I will tell you that EA will have two micro-sites up and running starting September 16th. One is called the “Tri-City Car Lot” and the other is called “The Tri-City Gazette”. The car lot site will unveil the car list on a weekly basis with 6 cars being rolled out each week. Please be patient with the first 2 weeks, as most of them will be cars you’ve already seen. But moving forward, the Car lot will be the first taste of all the cars in Undercover.

The Tri-City Gazette will be a fictional newspaper which will feature news stories based on the world of Undercover, and also give some insight into the game. It will also feature a lot of community news. So the more entertaining info we have, the more possibility it may appear on the Tri-City Gazette.

Update - Couple days late, but here are the official Links

Tri City Carlot
Tri City Gazette

Gametrailers has released two new videos, one which was aired as a world exclusive at Gametrailers TV on Spike TV midnight September 12/13th, and the second movie which is another crew boss 'interview'.

I shall post the video to the Gametrailers TV into chapter 4 first , and will post the crewboss interview movie afterwards.

As Always, Enjoy.

A video found on youtube reflecting how Undercover may essentially look on the iPod Touch.
It looks ok as is, but if you do notice, it is still quite early in the stages, as it had glitched and 'stuck' there.

Well not entirely exclusive, however, at the time of launch undercover will be the ONLY game available for use with the new Wii'L.


What you’re looking at is the Logitech Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel, available this November for the relatively low sum of $100. But what’s striking about this wheel is not its shape (which it shares with a sister PS3 wheel), not its price (ditto), and not its wireless functionality (you’re “wireless, but not cordless,” said a Logitech representative who affirmed that players would still need to plug in an AC adapter). What’s striking about the Logitech Speed Force Wireless is that it was designed for the Nintendo Wii; and moreover for a single, specific game which has neither the words Mario nor Kart in the title. Though Logitech’s product page may be exaggerating when it calls the wheel “exclusive,” the fact remains that when the $100 lap-mounted, paddle-shifter reliant peripheral launches this November, the only game it will support is Need for Speed: Undercover.

Full Article Here.
Thanks to Sean Hollister in the #nfs IRC chat for forwarding the link.

First I would like to thank all the members who had submitted an entry for the first of a hopefully possible 'yearly' contest.
Overall they all are great entries, but only one can stand out above the rest. The Judging is over, and it has come to much of a unanimous decision.

GTR has won the contest, which his Cover which depicts the definition of need for speed and undercover the best. it was well made, but has the flow and creativity behind it.. Actual thought, effort and time put into the cover rather than just a 30 second slap together.

You can view all the contest entries here

and without further hesitation, here is GTR's Winning Cover for Need for Speed: Undercover.


Congratulations GTR.

Ok, First off, Mike is away on company business, and he had been unavailable to send me the review in order to post his first hands on of Undercover, so I will be 'borrowing' Mike Hendersons From NFS garage until Mike Geise can post his.

You may read the full review on NFSGarage at http://www.nfsaddons.com/nfsuc/ucpreview/.

For now you can read the first part here.

It's that time of year again… time for another installment of the Need For Speed series. This year brings Need For Speed "Undercover".

Undercover is a far change from the last version, NFS Pro Street… and that is not a bad thing. As we have seen already, Undercover is, as EA puts it, "a rich, cinematic experience where players are an undercover cop taking jobs and competing in races to prove themselves as they infiltrate and takedown an international crime syndicate." But enough corporate speak, let's get into it.

During this year's Community Day, EA presented us with the following statement: Open world action driving adventure. Every word in that sentence means something specific to NFS Undercover. So let's break it down:
Open World

It's back. Open world racing makes it's return this year. The "Tri-City" area is made up of, you guessed it, 3 seperate sections: Sunset Hills, Palm Harbour and Port Crescent. As seen on the map to the left, all three areas are connected via a long highway. We're told, In a Porsche GT2 in light traffic, it should take about 8 minutes to complete the entire loop at full speed. Not too bad. Of course, it's not all highways, and there will be city streets to drive on once you get into an area. The entire game, including cut-scenes, is set during what Hollywood likes to call "The Magic Hour"; a time period roughly between 4am and 6am, when the natural lighting casts perfect shadows. Hollywood has been using this time period for years to shoot big budget films, and with Joseph Hodges coming on as director for NFS:UC, it's no surprise that they would use The Magic Hour for the game. Hodges isn't the only big name involved with Undercover. Action film star Maggie Q plays the lead role, while Christina Milian, Heather Fox and Daniel D. Lee will also make appearances.

Action Driving

My favourite part of the pre-alpha build we got to play was by far the new physics engine. Most of the engine was borrowed from Pro Street, but it was overhauled and tweaked to make each car handle differently, but all VERY well. If you've played any recent EA sports titles, you may be familiar with the various "skill moves" you can perform with your player. Along those same lines, the car controls in NFS Undercover act the same way. Hold the e-brake and tap the left stick slightly (on XBOX 360… not sure about other versions) and your car will do a slick looking 360. Tap the stick again, and you'll flip back around for a full 360 degree turn. Keep tapping and you can dance your car around any way you want, useful for evading cops, or just having fun. All these moves can be performed while going in reverse also. One thing to note… while performing a 180 or multiple 180's, the camera is not attached to the top of your car. It kind of "floats" around your car, letting you have a look at all angles. Try performing that same maneuver while lightly holding the steering control, and you'll pull of a nice drift. It all adds up for some very slick looking driving. However, the drift mode was taken out of this year's game, so you'll have to do that on your own. The big new mode this year is called "Highway Battle". It's basically what the name suggests. You and an AI opponent race down a highway during rush-hour like traffic. The traffic AI is also smarter this time around, and they will adapt and change lanes with their turn signals to avoid oncoming racers, or to obey police sirens.

Full Source here.

077c4c5d-764d-40b1-aea7-b66f769e3095.jpgThe Need For Speed: Undercover storyline which will be using hollywood talent Maggie Q (star) and Joseph Hodges (writer / director)

Need for Speed Undercover will feature a Hollywood storyline which is a rich and cinematic experience featuring Hollywood style shooting and production techniques.

d914dc18-30e8-4910-b4b0-4d7c7d2cfe91.jpgPlayers will be an undercover cop taking jobs and competing in races to prove themselves as they infiltrate and takedown an international crime syndicate.

We also have a few screenshots as well which you can view by clicking on the link below.

Check back August 20th for more information about NFS: Undercover :)

So This morning I get an email from Bojan the Webmaster at NFSUnlimited.net with a link to a Youtube video, when I first watched it, it looked like a high budget motion picture with some decent cars, action, etc.

At the end of the trailer you can see the url WhichRoadToTake.com, which is a website showing a video feed from an interrogation room. There are some clickable items in the room which show additional videos and some which will be available on 30. July 2008. The "release" date is set to November 18th.
According to xbox360.ign.com - Undercover is released on November 17th.

Share with us what you find on this website, there seem to be some hidden codes which could mean something.

The site itself is connected to EA, but whether or not it is actually related to Need for Speed Undercover, we'll soon find out.

Update: there seems to be Christina Milian in the video - a while ago it has been said that she will appear in the next NFS game.

There is some hidden Clickable content on the Security Feed., I will hint out four.
Calender, which shows the 'Drop Date' on Tuesday November 18th
the lightswitch provides a HIGH Quality Trailer Video.
the Video Camera on the Left Wall, has a Video Clip associated with it.
the Vase on the Left side Will bring you to another Video Clip of Two people listening in.

Ladies and gentlemen, now that NFS: Undercover has been announced it's time to have a photoshop contest! Let's see who can design the best cover for the game. Feel free to use screenshots from any previous NFS title, pictures of real or imaginary cars, any fonts, original images and program you want! It's up to you, so have at it!

- The final image size is to be 500x750 pixels
- The final image is to be .JPG format.
- Contest ends August 20th, 2008.
- Only one final entry per person
- Entries should be submitted to me, Linkin, via PM. I will save all of the images until judging takes place.

The winning entry and author will be displayed in a news announcement on the front page!

Get your imaginations rolling, NFSCars!

For the Official Thread Please go to:

We have also opened the new Need For Speed: Undercover Forum.
Please feel free to browse and discuss EA's Newest Upcoming Need For Speed Installment.



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