This just in everyone in now through September 15th EA is having a sale of the Starter Pack for $12.00 instead of the normal price of $20.00. This deal is for players in the US and Canada only so get it while you can for this price because this deal won't last.

Click here for more info about this deal.

Now is your chance to win yourself a starter pack code for Need For Speed World by entering anyone of the World contests listed below or you can participate in our own contest here at NFSCars.

NFSCars World Contest #1 - Welcome To Palmont, Lap Time Based
ISRC Competitions - Multiple Events Moderator Challenge
World Garage Rate My Ride - Design the best looking car
TCM Hungary - Evade the cops for the longest time

Also keep a eye on as they will also have a challenge up soon as well.

The World Servers will be going down between:

Start: 20:00 hrs (8:00 PM) PDT
End: 22:00 hrs (10:00 PM) PDT

Scheduled Downtime for a new patch update.

Affected Users:
During the maintenance window, the servers will be offline and users will not able to log in and play Need for Speed World. Players who are already logged in and playing NFS World will be disconnected from the server and therefore, disconnected from the game.

Release Notes:
- Fixed an issue causing loss of mouse functionality after exiting Meeting Place.
- Timer should now display correctly when engaged in a pursuit for over an hour
- Improved vinyl appearance on various cars after applying Performance packages
- Made improvements to prevent micro-pauses that certain players were encountering during multi-player events
- HUD should no longer shift off-screen after completing an event at certain resolutions
- Career Statistics screen should now be more accurate when comparing two Drivers
- General stability improvements

Any inconveniences are expected, and we wish to convey our apologies.

The Official NFSCars Need For Speed: World contest #1 has just started, read the rules, requirements and sample picture here.

"NFSCars is holding a "Welcome to Palmont" Race, where the lowest time takes the cup.

The rules are simple. Use a Tier 1 stock car, no Nos, no performance upgrades, no slingshots, and no cheating. Race "Welcome to Palmont" in any game mode, and submit your screenshot to the Contest thread found here. The contest ends on September 15th at 2400 PST.

The winner will be announced within the next few days after."

Have fun!

I just wanted you guys to see an example of how great the community and EA is working together on NFS World, yesterday after the new patch quite a lot of people were complaining about new issues with the chatbox.
So immediately EA went in,worked out a fix and patched it.
That is the service we like to see. Thumbs up on that.

Original text:
Urgent Patch Update (4.6a) for Need for Speed World
2010-08-25 by Andrew Collins
We're going to be shutting down the Need for Speed World servers at 6pm PDT today for 15 minutes while we apply a small Patch to fix an issue with in-game chat. The team have been working to fix it today and will be applying a fix in this evening's small patch (4.6a). There are no other fixes in this patch.

My preview of the new features which will be in Need For Speed World has been uploaded and saved, you can read the article Here.

You can use this news post for comments, or post in This thread on the forums

Need For Speed World – Upcoming Features Preview

Electronic Arts invited many Need for Speed Communities to Gamescom 2010 which is held in Cologne (Köln), Germany. We had the opportunity to not only partake in the largest gaming convention Europe has to offer but also see the newest information and details for Criterion Studios take on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and the already released PC based Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game, Need For Speed World. This preview will be strictly about World as the Hot Pursuit preview still has much detail and notes to be sifted through.

Need For Speed World was designed by EA Blackbox specifically for the personal computer, to be a “free to play” genre of game, with elements taken from several previous Need For Speed titles. World is not strictly free to play, as you can only level up to a certain point before there is nothing more you can buy without purchasing the 'starter pack', unlocking the game completely and unrestricted.

The producers John Doyle, J.C. Gaudechon, and Eneko Bilbao gave their presentation behind closed doors outlining the new features and answered our questions. They did their best to give answers in an extensive manner, other questions were left as null. We'll get to those later.

The guys were more than excited to show us the new Team Escape mode, it's currently one of their favourite game modes and with the videos provided below (thanks to NFSPlanet, and Racerplanet), you will soon see why. Team Evade pits you and up to three other friends racing in Co-op to finish set distance while evading the AI police, and they will do anything and everything to stop you. This mode has a three-strike system, meaning that you or a friend can be busted, and it counts against those strikes. After the third strike, your team loses. Thankfully, in Team Escape uses a co-op power up system. This new system allows one player on your team to use any power up and all players will use the same power up at the same time. When done correctly, you and your team can chain power ups together for easier evasion. Personally, it would be nice if they kept the difficulty level of this game mode to the hardest possible degree.

NFS World Team Escape Video (Pre-Release Build)
NFS World Team Escape Triple Spikestrip Fun
NFS World Team Escape Video (Pre-Release Build) lower cam quality)

Next in the presentation, the refreshed and updated performance shop. When this update is released, our performance shop gets a facelift. You will have the ability to tune your car with seven different categories including: engine, induction, transmission, brakes, suspension, tires, and misc. The last category will be mostly used by those who wish to decorate their cars with spoilers, custom exhaust, and more, since it seems they will not affect performance yet. These options may be limitless depending on what we as a community suggests and request to them. In the performance shop, upgrades from each category for every car and part has effect on your speed, acceleration and the handling of the car. One thing to note, when you buy parts for one car, they are not transferable to another car, so spending your money may be cautionary at first until you get your more desired cars.

When talking to John about raising the maximum layer capacity, he replied that only a VERY small percentage of all players who play World use more than ten layers, even with the layer abundance that is already allowed, there wouldn't be much affect of the lag due to the lack of in-depth, highly customized, and detailed cars. If more gamers decide to create highly detailed cars, the layers would then 'flatten' to one single layer, and look simply like a single texture on the car in the game.

The next feature we welcome into World is night driving, eventually night driving will be available throughout the entire World map, so no matter where you are, you could see it in day or night, which to the benefit of gamers who have played all of the previous Need For Speed which World bases its map from, a new feeling and atmosphere will liven up your experience.

Currently Need For Speed World has quite a limited amount of cars and manufacturers, however, soon that will change, new cars will be added in small update packs. It was said that at least 30 new cars are coming soon, its just a matter of time before we find out which ones come off the lot first. Who knows, maybe the winner of Need For Speed's Porsche 959 contest will be announced at the same time.

Need For Speed World has quite a substantial sized map already and with the inclusion of Bay view from (Underground 2) and Tri-City (Undercover) being considered, the world will only get bigger. Currently, though, the development team is dedicated on importing the Canyons, known explicitly from the duel races in Carbon, to the game. As to their original nature, it will be possible to fall of the cliffs.

The way the Canyon is laid out, it should take up to 7 minutes to cross them with a Tier 3 car. When John was asked about adding more areas in the future, like the proving grounds, or other area tracks from previous games, all that was said, was currently the coordinate mapping is too small for how large we want the world to expand to. In interpretation, that means the entire mapping system will have to be redesigned as the World limits are currently nearing its absolute capacity.

With one of the new upcoming updates, there will be plenty more new locations to go alone or meet with friends and take pictures of cars. There are 15 new photo shoot locations planned, including at the golf course, some car-parks and at the canyons, when they are released. Fill the showrooms with some of your photos in these locations. Who knows, maybe there will be contests revolving around this in the future.

About two weeks from now, say into the second week of September, EA is planning to provide a new API. The API is designed to allow website-owners access data directly from the game and import the information to their websites. The strategy behind pulling the content is for allowing us, the site administrators to create local community leader boards, tournaments and so much more. After some time, there is plans to allow the public access to some of the information to create their own races, leader boards and tournaments to share with their friends. Future API suggested plans also involve new race modes, such as lap knockout, pursuit knockout, and territory control. Several Administrators have already been looking at the latter as strong competitive but fun competition between the different communities.

It was stated specifically that features will be updated to World in any order in which they are completed. So for example, if the new canyons are completed before the Team Escape mode, the canyons will be released first, and so forth. EA plans to gradually add more and more content to the game within the next few months and in the years to come.

A couple last notes before the close of this preview, the helicopter is planned for a future release, but it is still in the developers back pocket, and they have big plans for it.

Please visit to register and download your free copy of Need For Speed World, and join in on the racing fun.


When we published the Release Notes yesterday it seems one of the fixes didn't make it into the list and since it's quite a big change we thought it was worth posting a quick update. After reading a lot of feedback from the forums we've introduced a change into the Multiplayer Race Rewards system which sees rewards increased for races with fewer players. Put simply; if you were dropping out of a race with three or four other racers in it because you felt you weren't going to win enough points then there's no need to switch it another race after this change.

Release Notes (updated):

- Multiplayer race rewards have been increased for races with fewer players
- Fixed a crash that occurred when hitting large amounts of smackable objects in a short period
- Progression Amplifiers now display the correct duration in their tooltips
- Fixed an issue that prevented some players from receiving Private Match invitations
- Players should no longer lose collision detection during poor network conditions
- Traffic Magnet should now work correctly against players during poor network conditions
- Fixed an issue causing players to become stuck in post-race screens when leveling up
- Private Match invites should no longer cause controls to freeze
- Fixed a crash when entering Paint Shop with Level of Detail set to Minimum
- Reduced the minimum driving speed required for the busted meter to fill up during a pursuit
- Fixed additional rarely-occurring crashes throughout the game
- Made minor adjustments to the Single Player race rewards

Also can be found here.

Electronic Arts is hosting an international community-race for Need for Speed World. You will have the chance to win an Alienware M11x laptop worth $1,500US! Additionally you can win further prizes from Alienware or in the form of Need for Speed apparel.

To participate is easy: All you are required to do is join and finish a race in NFS World on the track "Rosewood College" in any of the racing modes; Single Player, Multiplayer or Private Match mode.

This competition will be running until August 27, 2010 - After the closure of the contest, winners will be drawn randomly. You can find more information and the official rules under the following links:

Need for Speed World servers are online today for the head-start phase. Everyone who pre-ordered the Starter Pack has already access to Need for Speed World, before the game is being released on July 27th.

If you want to join now, you can order the Starter Pack at your favorite online distributor.

Please note that earlier today, some gamers were having difficulties getting into the game, the issue seems to have been resolved, as I had not noticed any errors when installing or playing World just previous to writing this news post.



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