First introduced in World last February, the ‘Underground 2’ Edition Nissan 350Z (z33) makes its triumphant return!

Featuring a V6 engine and RWD, this classic car is packed with performance upgrades and exclusive livery inspired by NFS Underground 2. No doubt, this car will take you back to NFS roots. Get yours today in the Car Dealer!


NFS World welcomes its first Roadster!

The lightest model in the entire Porsche range, the Boxster Spyder 6-cylinder engine outputs 320hp, 10hp more than the Boxster S. It also offers firmer suspension and a lower centre of gravity than other Boxster models, making this Spyder supremely agile.

With its sleek silhouette and 2 signature hump running along the back, it looks as good as it drives! Get behind the wheel of this fast and powerful sportscar today!


The 2010 BMW M6 Coupé is a study in complements. While the design is elegant and classical, its stance is certainly bold and aggressive.

Contoured headlamps, double spoke alloy wheels and exhaust pipes on either side of the optimized diffuser are paired with a high-revving V10 engine.

With such impressive power and aerodynamic excellence, you’ll no doubt leave a lasting impression on the streets of World! Get yours today in the Car Dealer!

Sale alert! The following cars are now on sale for 30% off!

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Audi R8 V10

Chevrolet Z06 Carbon

Jaguar XKR

Ford Focus

Pontiac Firebird

The sale is for limited time only, so don’t miss out! Get these cars in your garage today!

The VW Scirocco is closely related to its platform mate, the VW Golf, but it is just so much more than that. The 2.0l engine in the Scirocco R produces north of 260hp, and nearly the same in pound feet of torque.

Dressed for show as well as go, this Golf sports a blue and black two tone livery inspired by dazzle camouflage. There is a red key line picking out the color break on the body, as well as color matched wheels, matching the title sponsor of the car.

Recently upgraded by the development team with more power and precise handling, this purpose built tarmac racer is ready to race. Get yours in the Car Dealer today!

To celebrate the holiday weekend, Easter Packs are now available for purchase - for limited time only. Each pack contains a full set of Aftermarket Parts (Neon, Window Tint, Wheels, License Plate, Lowering Kit), including special items not found in the Store. You can access them from the same Card Pack store in your Safehouse or from the SpeedBoost store in game.

There are 23 different types altogether, so collect them all today!

Lamborghini has a tradition of naming its cars after breeds of fighting bull, both fast and powerful. The Diablo Sport Veloce (SV) is no exception and is equipped to challenge your fastest Tier 2 rivals.

With its electronic suspension removed for even more weight savings, rear-wheel drive and packing a punch at 510hp, this mid-engine sports car virtually guarantees high performance.

Leave your competitors in the dust with this V12 “Devil”. Get your Diablo today in the Car Dealer!

With only 652 ever built, the Barracuda is an extremely rare and sought after big block model, with appraisal values fetching north of $150K USD. Car fanatics love this American car for its tire-shredding power, as well as the aggressive sound of its legendary engine. Other feature goodies include rally wheels, hood pins and E body doors equipped with side-impact protection beams. For visual street cred, you can’t beat the Barracuda in high impact colours and hockey stick sport stripes.

Get your very own collectable Barracuda today and rule the roads of NFS World! This Tier 1 muscle car is now available in the Car Dealer!

Building on the excitement from last week's Spot the Devs event where we featured the BMW M1 ProCar, we'll be holding Spot the Devs 6!

Join us on Thursday April 5 for the Dev chasing! Find a Dev member, take a clear snapshot of their car and submit it to be entered into a random draw for your chance to win one of 50 promo codes for the not-yet-released car. You’ll know the car when you spot the Dev (identifiable with the Hammer of Awesomeness)!

Spot Producer Marc De Vellis and double your chances of winning, as he’ll have 25 promo codes to also give away.

Spot the Devs 6 will take place on Thursday April 5 between 10am – 12pm PST.

The Devs will be starting their engines at the following locations: Time Square, Little Italy, Chinatown, Golf Course and Silverton.

The team will be on the European server from 10am – 11am PST and then switch over to the North American server from 11am – 12pm PST.

Photos are to be submitted by email to [email][/email] by 1159pm PST April 5 in order to be entered into the random draw. Be sure to put "Spot the Devs 6” in the subject line of your email.

ONE PHOTO PER CONTESTANT. Multiple submissions will be automatically disqualified.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday April 18.

Event will be live-tweeted on Twitter, so follow along for all the action. Good luck!

Springtime brings about thoughts of bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs. Luckily for us, it also brings about a new edition of the ultra-fast BMW Z4 GT3.

Tossing out the 6 cylinder engine from the standard Z4, the GT3 car uses a 4.4l V8 pulled from the nose of the BMW M3. Producing a little over 500hp and with a weight of a little over 2600lbs, this translates into stunning speed and agility.

Now’s your chance to get this custom BMW with the fresh spring livery, Easter themed neon, and license plate! Get yours today in the Car Dealer!



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