EA has sent out another survey for the technical beta (pre-beta IV), be sure that if you had participated during the weekend to fill out the survey and give any comments where needed. Remember you are helping to find the problems in the game.

While we kept our audience considerably smaller for this Technical Test, the roads were still a very busy place to be this past weekend.

Total Number of Races: 25,211

Total Pursuits: 15,898

Total Busts: 2,093

Longest Pursuit Duration: 61m:49s

Most Popular Customized Car
(Paint or Vinyl): Nissan

Top Race Event: Circuit Main Street

Other news.

Apparently we had forgotten to celebrate NFSCars 10th Birthday. Its thanks to all of you that the site has continued being as great as it is.

Also in other news nfsu360 has cracked Undercover now. Go start making some new cars (or converting for the rest of you) for it.

(Note: The Cars and Pursuit Cars sections are available in Undercover now)

There will be a preliminary test of the next Need for Speed World client beginning this Friday, April 30th and ending Sunday May 2nd.

We have asked a small number of our most active players through Beta One, Two and Three to help us test our next game client, which will be released to a wider audience for the next Beta. The purpose of this test is to ensure that our next Beta experience is as smooth and stable as possible for our players, due to the number of new features we will be adding to the game. Some of the new release features include new power ups, new cars, improved police encounters, visual updates to the world, and performance / stability optimization. The most important addition will be the ability to purchase power ups using the Need for Speed World in-game currency called SpeedBoost. The Release Notes and Known Issues List detailing all the updates in this new release will be published before the client test begins.

Once this preliminary test has been completed and we collect our test data / fix the critical bugs we’ll begin our preparation for rolling out the next Beta. For the next beta we’ll be re-inviting all the participants from all previous Betas, as well as inviting a lot more of you who haven’t yet had a chance to participate in the beta. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

To the player’s that will be invited to this preliminary test; please be aware that you will be required to remove / uninstall previous versions of Need for Speed World from your PC. Once uninstalled, please download the new setup.exe from World.NeedforSpeed.com and re-install.

To the beta participants that were not included in the preliminary test; again, the purpose of this weekend is to test the new release of NFS World before we roll it out for you in the next Beta. Therefore, many of you will notice that your beta status on the NFS World site has returned to ‘Beta Status: Pending’. As stated above, we are only inviting the most active players from the previous betas. At the moment, everyone’s beta status has been returned to ‘Pending’. We will be sending out email notifications sometime in the next two days, at which point, those who have received the email will be able to download the next release of NFS World.

Well, I just received an email regarding the Create a Car Contest. Apparently, no one from NFSCars has yet to submit an entry. I mean there has to be at least one person working on it.

A reminder for anyone who is wanting to compete, the challenge is over April 25th, so you still have this week to work on it.

A list of all rules are available on the Need for Speed official website.

For those who chose not to compete, leave a comment about what part of the contest turned you away from submitting an entry. We could use this information to possibly help modify and gain more interest in future modeling contests.

Now that we're in Beta three and just invited another 10,000 players into the beta (yes, another 10,000 people we invited this morning so check your inbox!) it's time to run the first ever Need for Speed World Community Event.

We're going to start off the first community event nice and simple. For this event, we're going be racing on two different sprint tracks. If you are below driver level six please race the 'Spade Street' Sprint. If you are driver level six or higher, please race on 'Heritage and Campus' sprint.

But here's the cool part…we're going to make this a little bit more interesting. During this community event we're going to hold a contest to see who can get the best time on one of two sprint tracks. To enter the contest, you need to race on one of the tracks (depending on your driver level) listed above. At the end of the race take a screen shot of the Post Race screen and email it to NFSDrew (Drew@NeedforSpeed.com). The players with the best time on each track will receive a prize!

How do we enter this community event?
All you need to do to participate in the community event is race in the sprints listed below. However, to be eligible for the prize, you must email NFSDrew a screen shot of your post race screen to show your time. Your email submission must contain:
- Subject of the email submission must be "First NFS World Community Event Entry"
- A screen shot of the Post Race screen at the end of the race. Would prefer to get the screen shot in JPG format.
- Your in-game driver name

- Date / time of when you raced


How long will this event run for?
The event has now officially started so get in there and start racing! We're going to keep this community event open until Sunday; we will stop accepting entries to the contest at 11:59pm (PST) Sunday, April 11th. The winner will be announced at the end of the beta Wednesday, April 14th.

So where are we racing?
If you are below driver level six please race the 'Spade Street' Sprint.

If you are driver level six or higher, please race on 'Heritage and Campus' sprint.

What do we win?
The best driver below level six and the best driver level six and above will both receive a prize from the Need for Speed prize cabinet. We've got some cool stuff in there so it's definitely worth entering this community event.

So get out there and start racing! Let's see who can get the best times on those tracks!

Announcing the Need for Speed World Create-A-Porsche 959 Contest Need for Speed is very excited to announce the Need for Speed World Create-A-Porsche 959 contest!

We are asking the NFS community, to model a car for the launch of Need for Speed World. We’ve seen some of the amazing work you’ve done with our PC games once they’ve shipped and we’d like to showcase some of that work in World. Our good friends at Porsche have agreed to give players the chance to model the 959 for inclusion in the game and get credit for their creation. The car that wins will be available in Need for Speed World as a drivable car when the game launches.

The competition opens today, April 8, 2010, and will close on April 25, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

Please refer to the complete RULES & REGULATIONS for details on participation restrictions, winner selection criteria and other important information. Participants must submit their creations in the following file formats in order to be considered:

- 3D Studio Max
- Autodesk Maya

File requirements must follow:

High Res LOD:
14,000 triangles for bodywork, glass, trim, headlights, taillights
1,000 triangles for interior
1,400 triangles per wheel
200 triangles per brake caliper/rotor

LOD 2:
6,000 triangles for base car
600 triangles per wheel
600 triangles for interior
25 triangles for brakes

LOD 3:
2,500 triangles for base car
200 triangles for interior
200 triangles per wheel

LOD 4:
1250 triangles for whole LOD
LOD 5:
400 triangles total

Texture Size: *Note ALL textures should be created at double resolution to the requested size.

MISC: 512x256
BADGING: 256x256
BADGING_N: 256x256
INTERIOR: 512x512
HEADLIGHT: 256x256
WHEEL: 256x256

To submit your entry, email your submission to drew@needforspeed.com. Attach (2) screenshots (1280x720 resolution) that best show your submission as well as complete 3D files. Only include:

“Need for Speed World Create-A-Porsche 959” in the subject line.

Emails must also contain the submitters:
- First and Last Name
- User or Screen Name
- Email Address
- Date of Birth

Regardless of format, all Submissions MUST be your original work, not the work of a team or other entity.
In other words no conversions of other people's work either.

All Submissions MUST NOT (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion):

- Contain material that violates or infringes another's rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement;
- Contain material that is unlawful, sexually explicit, indecent, obscene, violent, hateful, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, or be inappropriate as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion;
- Disparage Sponsor or any other person or entity;
- Have been previously published or entered into any previous contest or competition; or
- Contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to the laws or regulations in any jurisdiction where Submission is created.

The contest is officially open so get busy and start submitting your cars. We’re looking forward to seeing the NFS community’s creativity at work!

- Fixed the server issue that was preventing post race rewards and results from showing up. Players will now receive cash and rep at the end of races
- Login issues due to Launcher/Patcher not retrieving configuration & server login flow throwing exceptions. This fix has addressed the log in errors that occurred during beta one & two.
- Fix barriers that allow players to drive outside of world
- 350z tweak to prevent rigid body from colliding with the ground.
- Prevent users from getting disconnected after 20 minutes in free roam
- Fix detection of Adobe Flash

Major Issues
- Crash rarely occurs when the Lobby timer reaches. Chance of occurring: 3/40 (7.5%)
- Occasionally player connections fail in Lobby. Chance of occurring: 2/40 Lobbies (5%)
- Some players stay in Lobby at 0:00 timer creating a Timeout with opponents. Chance of occurring: 1/40 Lobbies (2.5%)

Minor Issue
- Extra zone barrier in Palmont that the player can drive around (Correct barrier is also in place)

If you experience a bug / glitch that isn't on this list then please report them by selecting 'Report a Bug' at World.NeedforSpeed.com. Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to report a bug. You can also share your bug with the community on the Need for Speed World forums, specifically in the Bug Report forum.

You may log into the NFS: World Online program and start updating your files so that you don't have to wait once the game server goes live.

The file size of this current BetaIII update is 247.32MB

As you have guessed, there wasn't a beta over the last two weekends, which is likely due to the amount of fixes which were implemented from the previous Beta II.

Registration is closed for BetaIII put your name in for a chance to participate in BetaIV.

For those who want a chance into BetaIII you must PM me today.
If you have not yet participated in a Beta, or already sent me your email, private message me your EMAIL address if you wish to participate. The email address MUST be the one you use at EAsites, and any message that is missing your email address will be ignored.

Seeing as such, the third beta will begin on Wednesday, April 7th @ 4pm (GMT) and will end Wednesday, April 14th @ 7:59am (GMT). It will feature almost double the number of participants that we had in beta two and we're happy to say that if you were invited into either Beta one or Beta two, you will be invited to participate in the third beta. So keep checking your inbox for the invitation email; you should receive it sometime tomorrow (April 6th).

For this beta the team has addressed many of the stability bugs, both within the game and on the servers, that were occurring in beta one & two. The bugs that have been resolved include; the log in bugs that prevented some people from being able to log in and play World, the end of race results not being reported correctly bug and the bug where players were not getting any rep / cash at the end of races. Furthermore, we've made minor changes to the game including raising the number of vinyl layers a player can put on their car in visual customization.

Remember that this is a beta and we have intentionally constrained NFS World in terms of features, level progression and content. We are testing and so we need to keep the variables under control to ensure quality data. As the beta program progresses you’ll see more content, ways to play and places to see. Also note that between betas we do clear all the data on the servers (including profiles & game play data) therefore you will have to create a new driver and start the game at level one like you did in Beta 2.

The goal of this third beta is to test fundamental functionality both within the game and on the servers.

Therefore, at certain points during the beta we will ask that all players participate in certain races or all engage in a police pursuit at the same time.

When we need specific tests run we will communicate with the players through the in-game chat, on the NFS World forums and through the Need for Speed Facebook page.

Over the next couple days we will be posting the Release Notes for this beta as well as the List of Known Bugs that you may experience during the beta. Keep your eye on World.NeedforSpeed.com for these posts.

If you're looking for opponents to race with in multiplayer races during the beta then definitely take a few seconds to bookmark the NFS World PVP Events site. The site will show you what races people are queuing up to play in the game. So if you want to get in a bunch of full eight player races than check the NFS World PVP Events site regularly.

Source: Need for Speed.com

I would also recommend reading NFS: All the World's a Stage as Eduardo Agostini talks about some other features which may be available after the Final Launch.



Are you a fan of Need for Speed? Do you live in the Vancouver, BC area? Have you participated in the Need for Speed World beta?

If you do live in the Vancouver, BC area (or around there and feel like driving in) and have participated in the Need for Speed World beta then you need to get in touch with NFSDrew.

We're looking to invite five to ten people from the Vancouver area to the Electronic Arts Canada studio (where NFS World is developed). While you're here we'll give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to the NFS World team but the main purpose is to get feedback from you guys about NFS World and talk to you guys about MMO's in general.

So if you do live in or near Vancouver and have participated in the NFS World beta then get in touch with NFSDrew (Drew@NeedforSpeed.com) via email.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


If you live in Vancouver, I would recommend at least attempting a chance to go to the Studios, it is amazing what you can see.

The latest Survey is being sent out for feedback on BetaII.
Be sure to fill out the Surveys, and give as much feedback and bug reporting as possible.



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