More details on what the updated Beta will have.

New Features:
- Server will now give detailed error messages
- For example, if you enter your password incorrectly it will tell you that rather than showing the a “-747” error
- Game will now produce debug data when crashing that can be sent to dev team when you report bugs
- The crash dump will be a binary file named “NFSCrashDump_CL0_YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS.dmp” and can be found in the following directory ? \Electronic Arts\NFS World\data\
- If possible, please provide the cramp dump files when submitting a bug through
- Number of vinyls per car increased to 50
- Prices of vinyls and paint set to 0 (or 1 if not possible)
- Essentially, vinyls will be free to put on the car

Changes to the game:
- Matchmaking stability improved
- Matchmaking timeout increased to 30 seconds
- End of race reward re-balances
- Number of events (races) changed to 15
- Half of events are available from levels 1-5 the rest from levels 6-10

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue with entitling players ("Disconnected from the server. Game will be shut down." bug)
- Fixed a rare issue where a user could be alone in a multiplayer race
- Fixed the region names in the login application
- Improved Teleport to a friend
- Fixed the time out issue while in car customization. There should be no need to save intermediate results in customization

A second closed beta of Need for Speed World will be running this weekend from Friday March 19th 4pm GMT to Monday, March 22nd 7am GMT. Everybody who was involved with the first beta will also have access to the second one plus many others as the amount of players is doubled.

Anyone who still wants to participate can do so by applying for the beta on the Need for Speed World Website, and then PMing me your email for an extra chance of being selected.

If you are already participating (via Beta I), or have messaged me your email address, please do not message again.

Now for some information regarding the beta from the Official Site.

We are also very happy to announce that if you were selected to participate in the first closed beta ("CB1"), you will be invited to participate in the second closed beta ("CB2"). Be sure to watch your email for the beta invitation. After CB1, we received a lot of great feedback from all the CB1 participants and have made some changes for CB2…

Before we get into the changes, we want to set some expectations for CB2; similar to CB1, these initial rounds are intentionally constrained in terms of features, level progression and content. We are testing and so we need to keep the variables under control to ensure quality data. As the beta program progresses you’ll see more content, ways to play and places to see. Please note that between betas we do clear all the data on the server (including profiles & game play data) therefore you will have to create a new driver and start the game at level one like you did in CB1.

Here is a summary of the changes this week: We’ve made some changes to the leveling pace, Lucky Draw tables (much fewer One More Laps!) and event unlocking. We’d like to see more 8 player races, so we’ve tweaked matchmaking and the number of events that unlock at each level. We’ve also fixed some crash and time out bugs and provided a way for you to send us crash logs if you run into anything new. For more details on the changes, see the Need for Speed World forum. Please give it all a try and keep letting us know what you think and logging those bugs!

We're looking to all the beta participants to give us their feedback and help us make this game great! There are many different ways of giving us your feedback including:

[1] Submitting a bug through by selecting the 'Report a Bug' button and completing the form. Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to report a bug. Also note that you will be able to include crash logs when reporting bugs. We encourage everyone to do this because the more information you can provide us, the quicker we'll be able to fix these bugs.

[2] Submitting feedback through by selecting the 'Submit Feedback' button and completing the form. Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to submit feedback.

Also be sure to check out the Need for Speed World Forums to see if the bug you're reporting is already known to the World team. You can also find help there if you're experiencing a bug that's preventing you from being able to play.

Please take some time to give us your feedback either during or after the beta. This is your chance to make this game great!

Yes, For those who had access to the Beta of NFS World Online, the showroom is up and available for you to upload all your favorite screen shots from the game.

NFSNation has created a map with clickable points for use with World Online. Given that the city is quite large, and you may not always be able to see your friends on the map, it was designed to give active points on the map which you can share with your friends, giving an exact location to where you may want to meet. (via any messenger, chat, or irc program)
It could be very useful when you are playing with friends who do not know the city maps well enough. For best results, playing World Online in windowed mode helps.

For example, On the last day of Beta 1, there was a gathering of many of the players for some group shots.
They wanted to go to the stadium.,231
Shows you where the stadium is, and if you use it in reference to where you are, you can easily find a quick route.

As it goes, Beta II dates have still yet to be announced.

Maybe, if there are future updates of the map, NFSNation will add more features for use. For now, no.

EA has sent out surveys to those who had a chance to participate in the first North American Survey.

Please be thorough, detailed, and honest with your answers. Also, for Question 13, it would be appreciative if you could also include as a source you learned about Need For Speed World. Once you have completed your survey it includes a confirmation to keep an eye on your email for the next beta testing period, which is still yet to be announced.

As an added bonus, for those who own Shift on the 360, watch the NeedForSpeed Twitter.
Ferrari Codes are being given away randomly for free to the first person who enters it into the game.
If you haven't already done so once, apply for the Beta, , then PM me with your email address.

Thank you to all those who were accepted and had participated in the first North American / European Beta testing for World Online. It is recommended that you keep the files if you choose to continue participating in future tests. Any files will be updated as required when the next beta session is open, those files which will not be updated, won't be downloaded again, which should speed up the downloads as betas progress.

Currently the next testing session has not yet been announced, however as soon as the news crosses my desk, I'll be certain to share.

Also, if you're still interested in participating in a future beta testing, be sure to PM me with your email Address, unless you have done so already.

(I do not want duplicate emails from people who have already sent one)

Check your mail, and if necessary your spam folder for a message from EA saying whether or not you were accepted to participate in the World Online Beta Program.

We look forward to having you as a member of our beta community and hope you enjoy the experience. Be sure to visit the Need for Speed World site often for all the latest developments, behind the scenes information from our developer team, and more opportunities for you to give us your feedback or report bugs.

The beta version of Need for Speed World Online is a work in progress and intended to help our development team in creating the best game possible. You will likely come across bugs and glitches, and we strongly encourage you to report any and all of these issues to the Need for Speed World team.

As part of the beta program, you will occasionally receive emails from us, as well as surveys asking questions about your experience. We realize that filling out surveys is not the most exciting thing to do in your spare time, so we greatly appreciate your feedback and assure you that it will all be heard.

Good luck - we can't wait to see you on the road!

The Need for Speed World team

This currently is the beginning session for the Beta
START TIME - Friday, March 5 at 9:00 AM PST (12 Noon EST and 17:00 GMT)
CLOSE TIME - Sunday, March 8 at 11:59 PM PST (2:59 AM EST and 07:59 GMT Monday)

More Days will be added to the schedule as the testing progresses.

The client download setup is 7.9Mb and is only available once you have logged in through the World Online site through the email.

After the installation program is run, you will need to login with your EA email and password, which then will start another download of 774.81Mb

Just counting the time left until the beginning of the World Online Beta Testing.

Be sure if you want to participate to follow the instructions in the following link.
Beta Test Signup.

Register soon, before it's too late and you miss out until the release of World Online.

Here are some videos of World Online gameplay.

You can watch more videos of World Online on Factorx93's Youtube profile

Taken from


While we were discussing the Q&A; with Scott earlier this week I asked him if he could get me any more screenshots from World Online. Since it’s still pretty early in the development cycle there wasn’t a lot of screens available but he did find one shot he wanted to share with us. Before letting us see the shot Scott stressed it was still a work-in-progress image so shouldn't be judged as showing the final quality of the game.

When he'd sent the screen I asked him to give me a bit more information about what we’re looking at and he was happy to help out: “Key to the concept of NFS World Online is the user interface which has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the PC architecture. Instead of a traditional console view of a game, we’re using a user-selectable gadget interface designed specifically for the PC. The system allows the gamer to choose which components of the interface they want to add to their game. The gadgets are really flexible and offer a wide range of display options: docked/undocked, floating in the game window or just sitting outside of the game space. A lot of gamers now have more than one monitor so you could keep the game window entirely clean and then have all the gadgets sit in the other monitor. We think it’s about time PC gamers had games that allowed them to arrange their information their way.

Really, I'm not entirely sure what to think of the UI so far, but its a push in the right direction.
If you look closely you can see its just a window rather than full screen, so maybe EA has decided this time in letting us have a little more "free-roam" with how we can view the game as well. There are some, like me, who likes to play a windowed mode so that underlying programs like IRC and such can still be viewed, which allows you to keep informed with other goings on while Playing your favorite racing game.

Now, if they let us create skins for the gadgets being used. Then we're talking.

Source : Blog

Thanks to Oz being resilient and quick fingered, here is the first trailer available from gametrailers.

You can discuss World Online in this thread.



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