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Jan 17, 2005

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With this tool you can edit *.trk, *.rpl, *.sav and *.sim files.

Credits go to Martin, Eddie R, Zlatko, Schakal, NFSMan, Roland and the others who helped in designing/translating this program.


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about 4 years ago.

I'm running Windows 7 32 bit and like many others, got the error that says "The program can't start because MSVBVM50.DLL is missing from your computer."
I have found a fix.
Go to this link - -and click 'Download .zip file.' Extract the .zip and put the MSVBVM50.DLL in a folder with the 'fileeditor.exe'.
Run the .exe and have fun editing :)

about 5 years ago.

i had same problem with .dll file in win 7 but is done now. Use a search engine and search for MSVBVM50.DLL. Download it and copy in the folder with fileeditor.exe then u can open it. Good luck

about 5 years ago.

i have the same problem as FASTEDY, what i need to do

about 6 years ago.

Hi guys, I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and when I start the program I get a system error which reads "The program can't start because MSVBVM50.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I am asking for help because I downloaded the Hummer H2 and the readme sent me to this page. Please Help!

about 6 years ago.

@Need For Speed Freak; you can also use carsuite app, its the easiest way to transfer a car from one save game to another, you can download it here:

Need For Speed Freak
about 6 years ago.

I have a problem with the file editor for NFSPU. I can't put 2 cars that I downloaded on 1 save game or profile. For example, I downloaded the Lamborghini Mursielago LP640 and the Audi R8 Lemans at and when I use the file editor to put the Lamborghini on my profile it works, but as soon as I put the Audi on my profile it overwrite the Lamborghini and I can't use it.

Can anyone help me? I would realy appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

about 7 years ago.

i can cange anything but it wont let me save... it says i dont have permission and says access denied??????

about 8 years ago.

Doesnt work on xp...

about 8 years ago.

How does it work?

Mr.Fast Cars
about 8 years ago.

I am trying to download da sim files but it wont work can some body help me?

about 8 years ago.

I am trying to download da sim files but it wont work can some body help me?

Mr.Fast Cars
about 8 years ago.

La cuestion es de lo mejor, lo mejor de lo mejor

about 8 years ago.

hey i also downladed pirate version of nfs5 coz my origanal cd are missing and i can't find it on store....

about 8 years ago.

And not understood never like making cars, hopefully this it serves to me.

about 9 years ago.

Full Respect to this tool

about 9 years ago.

It doesn't work on Vista. Can you help??

about 9 years ago.

At RobertLidstroem and everyone else asking:Type out your car name.

then type out the short name.

Then type in the file name of .crp and .sim

and there you go!thats how you import car to your profile

on topic, this is a really useful tool

about 9 years ago.

er oh yeah, successfully test drove said car.

about 9 years ago.

successfully downloaded.
successfully installed
successfully added a new car into my save file. 914/6.

next step - modding the car with parts and entering the car into the file. woo.

about 9 years ago.

i put a carbon picture of the ae86 and it is supposed to look like the pic

about 10 years ago.

P.S. this file works fine on d/l copy... :o)

about 10 years ago.

I have bought nfspu 3 times in 8 years...first copy was loaned and never returned...2nd copy I sat on and cracked it...3rd copy got it so wrong I d/l myself 1 copy for my own use?

about 10 years ago.

woot woot

about 10 years ago.

i down loaded this but i cant install it, help if u can

about 10 years ago.

you should be able to know how to...

about 11 years ago.

Darn, i dont understand how to import my own cars?

about 11 years ago.


about 11 years ago.

Did Martin give permission to MNIKOLAE to upload it in a zip file for a car ( the porsche 997 carrera s)? if not, im gonna report him!

about 11 years ago.

help me!!!!! edit my profile and check some boxes to get me to own more cars. then my game crashes when i try to race that car. please help!!!!

about 12 years ago.

how do i get all the tracks?

about 12 years ago.

very cool

dead freak
about 12 years ago.

for real! it is the best tool of all!

about 12 years ago.

no discussion of Warez, wow, Cops may be on this site, Oo

about 12 years ago.

Its not working 4 me... plz help!
I am using a pirated version of nfspu may this be the reason?

about 12 years ago.

wohoooo! I love this tool!

about 12 years ago.

The best tool for Profile editing.You can also add downloaded cars in your profile!

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