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Notice about Site Testing

To improve the overall user experience here at NFSCars we will be performing a lot of different tests around the site. What this means is will be testing different layouts, placement of elements and functionality, so don't be alarmed if you see something that looks drastically different.

NFSCars Team

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Devil Gallardo...

Feb 22, 2015

My Murcielago in Nfs U2..:))

Feb 16, 2015

Regata 1981 model edit

Feb 15, 2015

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Notice about File Images

While attempting to convert png images to jpg images for better image optimization we corrupted the images from November 14th to current. I have been able to restore most of them but any additional images are currently the same as the first image uploaded.

We will be deleting the duplicate images. if you want to upload the additional images again you can. Sorry for this inconvenience.


I was able to restore at least the first image for almost all the cars but I could not do the same for tracks or tools uploaded on or after November 2014. Once again sorry for this inconvenience.


Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at NFSCars.

Thank you and have great holidays with your friends and families!

Site Updates

As you maybe have noticed already I have made some changes to the home page. Most of the changes are visual and the site structure is pretty much the same but for what I have done you can read below. I will also be rolling these changes out to the other pages over the next few days.

1. New theme.

2. Moved the list of Need For Speed titles into a drop down since we have 18 of them.

3. Many design changes to improve usability.

3. Responsive design to handle mobile, tablets and desktops without any scaling issues.
- What this mean is for now you can view the home page and the site will resize according to your device resolution.

4. Increased font size and cleaned up typography.
- Bigger is always better, right?

As always if you notice something that is broken or have any comments, feel free to drop a message.

Cause of downtime Friday Nov 14th

We would like to apologize about the downtime we experienced today. Our data center moved our servers into a new facility and things did not go as planned when they executed the move and the result was our primary database server was damaged. After getting the databases from our daily backup we have restored a backup from November 13th 3AM CST so we might of lost a few hours of data.

Things should be back to normal or coming back to normal. Let us know if you find something that does not work.

NFSCars Team

We Wish You Happy Holidays!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from NFSCars, have a great holiday with your friends and families!

Network Maintenance

We will be performing network maintenance today between 10 AM CST and 2 PM CST.

During this time NFSCars will be offline for a short period of time but we don't expect to be offline for more then an hour.

We apologize for this inconvenience ahead of time.


Seems we had some downtime today and I didn't realize it until late Thursday night due to being tied up with work. I have tracked down the cause to windows update shutting down the database server when it should have just rebooted the server.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everything should be back to normal.

Double Posts

At the moment we are experiencing problems with our network which lead to double posts.
Please be sure to report your own and other members' double posts, so we can delete them immediately.


Happy New Year!!!

(The ones, that recognize the city, get a cake.)

We wish a Happy New Year!
May your New Year's resolutions work out! Care to share?

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Various BAC Mono
Various BAC Mono

Feb 27, 2015


Feb 20, 2015


Feb 20, 2015

Traffic Cadillac Escalade
Traffic Cadillac Escalade

Feb 19, 2015

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