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Jun 18, 2011

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This mod is for the - Pagani Zonda Cinque [v.2 - FIXED] by chase_UC which replaces skyline
The sound files are taken from nfs carbon

To install first back up the Original sound files named

Drive:\Program files\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\SOUND\ENGINE\GIN_Nissan_Skyline.gin

Drive:\Program files\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\SOUND\ENGINE\GIN_Mustang_Drag_DCL.gin

and replace them with new ones.

credits: EA
any noob could have done this but i am giving them just for fun...


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about 4 years ago.

Didn't even know you could mod the sounds O.o

about 5 years ago.

OK guys, I have working engine sound modification projects for UG2, MW, Carbon since 3 years. This summer I'll come so far, I'll release my results, first for MW, because it's the most modable (the sound pack could be changed for cars easy).

Till I final my great challange you can write my previous findings next url:

@believeme ex_acl_62 is not the best choice for Zonda its a Lamborghini Gallardo sound, but I know witch the best!
Sorry but the changing the "GIN_Mustang_Drag_DCL.gin" doesn't worth, because U2 doesn't use the DCL.gin files (but necessary to be in directory, else crashes the game)

about 5 years ago.

@shakir no its not a program
just copied pagani engine sound from carbon to replace UG2 skyline...
and i can dom for more if anyone can povide sounds of NFSMW

about 5 years ago.

but what program do u use for that ??

about 5 years ago.

no its a turbo sound u can go to google and write skyline with screamer pipe

about 5 years ago.

thanks shakir..
unfortunately i dont think we can make own sounds
we can replace other game car sounds only..
screamer pipe ?:-| i think you are talking about mustang(alike) sound..
that can be done too.. :D

about 5 years ago.

can u make a screamer pipe sound??

about 5 years ago.

nice man what program do you use to make sound mods for nfsu2

about 5 years ago.

@pitytour CY PM

about 5 years ago.

please can you tell me the name of the sound hyundai tiburon, because I want change, hate the sound it makes your engine, can you make the engine sound of the Lamborghini Murcielago for that file?

about 5 years ago.

doesn't work for me. all cars still sound the same, w/ and w/out upgrades.....

about 5 years ago.

dude u if you think its too easy then why dont you do it yourself......
i already tried to change the base engine sound but i cant find any file which has all lvl sounds.....
the carbon zonda has only stock engine sound it cant be upgraded AFAIK.
if there is any game which has zonda(customizable with all LVL) you can do it yourself..
(Nfs carbon is the one i had played last i dont know if other games have same sound support)

about 5 years ago.

you should make this for lvl3 engine, since the stock is slow...

about 5 years ago.

ok i have done some turbo mods too....
but first i need to know...
is there any whining sound in ug2 with the level 3 turbo upgrade....

about 5 years ago.

thx man, i need to ask if its possible to change turbo sound to supercharger sound?

about 5 years ago.

thanks for the complement :)

about 5 years ago.

nothing just replaced the skyline sounds with the nfs carbon sound.....
i found some info about the engine sound files of these games on the internet...
this is my first MOD....

and guys this only works in stock engine....
if you upgrade, the sound remains unchanged or the game crashes.
Sorry but this is all i can manage...

about 5 years ago.

How did you do this?

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