5,000 cars!!!

June 14th 2004

This weekend, NFSCars passed the amazing amount of 5,000 cars!!! The 5,000th car to be added was the Mercedes Benz Pursuit CLK-GTR (NFS 6), an NFS3 car converted from NFS6 and modified by our own admin Viper Jay 5.

Since the very beginning of the site back in March 2000, the number of cars have been steadily growing. At first, adding a car required a lot of work: I had to download the car and upload it again over my slow ISDN connection and manually add it to the database. Nowadays, everything is automated, adding a car requires only a couple of mouse clicks by an admin to have a car added to the site. This makes sure that cars get added within a couple of hours and keeps the authors satisfied.

Id like to thank everyone who made it possible to get to this milestone! Offcourse, especially all the authors who did most of the work by creating these cars. Some are quite simple and took only a few hours or less to create, others took weeks if not months to create, but all of them would not have existed without the dedication of the authors.

Offcourse, let us not forget all the visitors who keep coming back to find the biggest collection of NFS cars in the entire world, if not the entire universe. NFSCars has been the best visited NFS website for quite some time now and I hope we can keep it that way.

In order to stay interesting enough in the future, and to make sure we can make it to 10,000 cars, we are currently working on a complete rebuild of the site. New sections will be added, like the long-awaited NFS7 vinyls section, the also long-awaited tracks section and the comeback of the tools section. But, dont get your hopes up just yet, the new site still needs loads (and I mean LOADS) of work, so dont expect it within the next 2 months.

Thanks everyone, and keep those cars coming!!!

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