Energizer Lithium II

April 30th 2008

I'm sure all of you have only got one game in mind right now, and I definitely cant blame you! However, if you have a quick second in between jackin' cars and slapping h***, I was hoping to get your help in spreading the word about Need for Speed ProStreet's Energizer LITHIUM Race Day Event coming up this weekend, May 2-4.

Racers from North America can compete for awesome prize packs from Need for Speed and Energizer!! All players have to do is head to the Race Day Page, and follow the steps to join the Energizer LITHIUM Race Day (Race Day will be up soon). Prizes will be available for winners on Xbox 360 and PS3

So put away GTA:IV for a couple days and come participate in the 2nd Official Energizer RaceDay.

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