The time has finally come! NFSCars is moving to a new host, away from GameSpy and, most importantly, away from FilePlanet!!!

Moving the site will take some time, and during the move, no new cars will be added. So please be patient, as soon as the site is up and running at the new host, updates will come again!

I live in Zimbabwe, and today and tomorrow we are having the most important presidential elections in 20 years.There has been a lot of political violence so far, as well as allegations of rigging, and I am asking the people of the world to pray for a truly free and fair election in Zimbabwe.Thank you, and may Zimbabwe once again live in peace. FCD

Yesterday, NFSCars passed the amount of 1700 cars in total. This is once more a great milestone in the rich history of NFSCars.

Id like to thank all those that have uploaded cars to the site, and I hope you keep doing that!

Im also working on a new design (finally…), as the current design is too old in my opinion. I dont know yet when it will be implemented, it could take well over a month, or maybe even more as I dont have all the time of the world to do it.

So stay tuned!

New affiliate!
February 23rd 2002

A new affiliate has arrived :):

Need For Speed Live!
The site has a small and growing track database. It also gets community
views and comments of NFS and other downloads for NFS. People also get to
show off their best track times against each other. Its all happening at
NFSLive!…..well almost.

Well as some of you may know there hasnt been any updtes to my site lately.
Well thats becouse my modem broke and there is no way i can upload new things etc. :(
So i can hardly check my email and if i do it costs me.
But I will try to get this fixed soon.


As of now, the Chatroom has moved to the EnterTheGame IRC network. This network has a lot of gaming channels, so it was a logical choice to move the channel there.

For those using the webchat, there will be no difference. For people using mIRC or any other IRC client, please update the server to

Hope to see you there!

As of today, NFSHome is an official affiliate of NFSCars.

Make sure you check it out!

3 new affiliates!
February 2nd 2002

NFSCars has 3 new affiliates today, please be so kind and pay them a friendly visit from time to time:

- NFS Type-R
- High Stakes Highway Patrol
- SKS_Design/Supraz Karz

As you probably have seen already, the random affiliates is back in the sidebar, so you will see 5 affiliates randomly picked everytime you load a page.

I have finally decided to make the top 10 downloads reset every week on monday. This will make the list a bit more varied I think, and a bit more interesting.

If you find any bugs or problems with it, let me know.

Also: new cars will not show up on the lists until 24h after being approved. This way, the files will immediately be available on public servers.

I am currently thinking of resetting the top downloads every once in a while.
Probably weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

I have changed the counter also, it only counts one download per IP per car, so that makes cheating a bit harder.

Before I do so, Id like to hear your opinion on this subject!



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