I have disabled the rating system, as it was being abused too much. People were giving good cars a score of 4 without any reason.

The top10 ratings has been replaced with the top10 downloads for now.

There may be a modified rating system or other system in the future, but for now youll have to do with the comments.

Im sorry it had to be like this, but better to have no rating system than one that doesnt give fair results…

As you may have noticed, the new cars from the last 3 or 4 days have not been mirrorred by FilePlanet yet. I have submitted an email to the GameSpy techsupport, I hope to receive an answer (and solution) soon, so no need to email me about it anymore.

It looks like it is solved now, but if you see a car that is up for more that 24 hours and still isnt mirrorred let me know!

The last few weeks the amount of pageviews have gone up massively (from ~55000 to ~90000 a day!). This is noticable in the amount of comments and ratings done on cars. Usually it is good that those amounts are rising, but unfortunately has the abuse also gone up.

I have already removed a lot of posts and entire discussions on the site which were offensive and/or contained foul language. If someone sees an offensive post or discussion, do not respond to it, but email me, I will remove any offensive post and all posts relating to it without warning and possibly block the account of the members involved.

Also, some people like to rate good cars with 4s, either for their own fun, or to let their own cars go up in the top10/top50.

I am implementing some admin tools to keep track of the ratings, so I can view the rating behaviour of certain people. If I find someone rating a lot of (good) cars with only 4s or 5s, I will remove those ratings and maybe even block that members account.

If the rating system keeps being abused, I will either remove it, or limit the system.

In other news:
I have written an improved search script. It is now being publicly tested from the carpages (click on the Other cars by… or Other …s links), please let me know if there are any problems with it.

Happy New Year!!!!
January 1st 2002

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year, well i know its not quite new year yet, but anyway, hope everyone had a great year and be sure to make this comming year one a better one! Also be sure to check out a new design group that is opening up!

7evenSpeed Designs

Have a great one,

hackedSpeed Top50
December 31st 2001

Hey Everyone,

Our affiliate site hackedSpeed has reopened today there Top50 NFS Site list is back open so be sure to go register your sites!!



Merry Christmas!!
December 25th 2001

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Enjoy Your holidays!!


Well as you might have seen the racerplanet forums have just got back into first gear or atleast to the point to were you can sign up but it is not at the same address right now. If you go to http://www.racerplanet.com/forum you will see the boards even though it is not fully functional it is still good so I recomend that you go and sign-up again and have a little fun. The name that you had still should be able to use but you will have to register over again so please do thanx. Hummerboy21

hummerboy send this to me today so i thought id post it

scare_tuning webmaster

visit my homepage

As many of you have noticed, some pages (the list cars/brands/authors/pursuit and search pages to be exact) are unreachable at certain times, and only displaying an Internal Server Error message.

This has everything to do with the reason I have been optimizing the sites code. The problem is, that the script that takes care of all the pages above is causing problems on the server in peak hours. It basicly pulls too much CPU. The server admin disables the script whenever the load becomes to big and turns it back on when all is fine again.

We are working on it, but it could take some time, so please be patient!

Finally, NFSCars would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

December 20th 2001

well more and more often I am receiving cars with screenshot formats like bitmap or Paint shop pro images.Right now I added the cars but please authors check through the cars you put on this site and email me if you have a wrong screenshot format.If you dont know how to tranfer a picture into jpg email me also.Plus from now on any car with a wrong picture format will be added but removed after 1 week of warnings and emails to the author.
Please see to it that you change this.

Web admin

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Scare Tuning back up
December 19th 2001

Scares site (http://scaretuning.cjb.net) is back up and you can go and see it now..



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