The first Screenshot contest voting is now closed. We have seen 4 entrants all with their interpretation of the theme "muscle". Through close voting between entry #1 and #2 for first place by the end date entry #2 got ahead and won.

Well done and congrats to all who participated and will be looking forward to see you all in Screenshot Contest #2 (details on the bottom ↓)

WINNER 1st place: Greger
Votes: 43


2nd place: Firgy (Entry #1)

3rd place: Ti-Sonic (Entry #4)

4th place: LRF Works (Entry #3)

Screenshot Contest #2

Next theme: ICONIC
Deadline: 18th of April

Send your entries privately to me, Greger on this site or on Discord via Personal Messages.

A bit later than expected but here is the post for you guys to vote on entrants who nailed the theme: MUSCLE CARS.


Larger entry pictures can be viewed by clicking this picture ↓


The voting time is about a week. The winner will be contacted by me, before the results are finalised and be asked to set the next theme. Once that is done the winner will be announced here on the front page, featured with the winning screenshot and the chosen theme. Good luck to everyone

Hello everyone,

I have asked around and found the community member would very much like a screenshot contest. So here it is everyone!

First theme will be: Muscle

Please send entries via Personal Message to me, Greger with an imgur or postimg link.
All entrants must remain anonymous. If in any comment section it is found you reveal you entry you are disqualified. Same goes if you leave hint anywhere (including the screenshot itself). This is to remove bias towards a specific user whether negative or positive and make voting fair.

Entries will be collected and posted on the 30th of April (could have slight delay in your eyes due to timezone differences) onto the front page as well

Any game with car in it. Or at least in the screenshot is allowed. Mod or vanilla game it all counts.

Winner will get featured on the front page along with their chosen theme for the next contest.

Good luck everyone!


As some of you may have noticed our forums are unavailable. That is due to many things. But first and foremost it was due to a high spam account wave creating literally thousands of posts and slowing servers down and our ability to moderate and control the forums. Due to us having little control over what was being done because of an exploit which was not thought of initially for this new site and forum, us the NFSCars staff decided to temporarily shut down the forums until the site owner creates a fix for these lingering issues.

Be sure we are doing what we can to keep this site running and be a place where you can share your passion for this amazing game franchise we all grew to love and be a part of. So in some time the forums will be opened up again. When? We dont know for sure as all our staff has their own real life things and we can get busy but we are working on it. In the meanwhile you can still use the Shoutbox to discuss topics and thoughts you have and the showroom to share things (keep it ingame please) with the rest of the community and use the comments to interact. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a great day!

NFSCars staff

We all have dreamed of using cars we wished in NFS World. And even though NFS World has a fine list of cars there is always that one car some of us wants to be in it and play with it. Thats how the modding scene is still alive and kicking as there are almost infinite amount of cars to be made and used by a bunch of people. Now nfsu360 recently released a video where he drives around probably his favourite modding car the Citroen Vision Concept GT in NFS World. Lets hope the mod tool will soon be released and we can get modding away and make World our new passion alongside the most famous ones on the site (MW and Carbon). Which then could also lead to private servers with cars modded in. Just a whole bunch of possibilities which I personally am excited for. But enough chit chat. Have a look for yourself!


Where does one even begin? A game series that has been a household name for almost 25 years. There have been many reiterations of the game. Some became a massive success some became gargantuan flops that are dreaded to this day. Overall though we can all agree it can be summarized into 3 main eras. First being from 1994-2000 ending with Porsche Unleashed which saw the agreement between EA and Porsche which made Porsches exclusive to Need for Speed. Second is what most people call the golden era of Need for Speed. The Black Box era of Need for Speed games. This started in 2002 with Hot Pursuit 2 and ended in 2008 with Undercover. And the 2010s is the third. The game bounced from developer to developer with all different directions and paths on what NFS should be. And now since 2013 we have landed and stabilized the series with Ghost Games. Now with the quick history behind us, let’s talk about the state of the series.

To identify the state of NFS is bit tricky and this whole topic is as it is merely opinion. Of course a different point of view would say otherwise on how we view this situation. Could the answer just be a few words and end of story? Sure. But the issue goes deeper than a few words. There are many factors as to what have happened to NFS. Trends, directions, game quality all add up. Let’s look at a more recent example. Need for Speed Rivals. Came out in 2013, developed by Ghost Games. Half of the dissolved Criterion Studios went there and worked on the game. Seemed like a fresh start from the studio. It seemed as if they created Hot Pursuit 3. Car culture was changing too. From the overdone early 2000s a more clean, refined style of the 2010s dropped us mainly Stance. While obviously not everyone is a fan of such car styling, it dictated the trend of less customization is better. Trying to keep it as stock as possible. So all in all, what you got was a game where you were able to drive blank cars with other serious game ruining issues. This all resulted in it showing in sales. In 2013 the best selling games were GTA V and Call of Duty. Other games from the list follow the action based game trend. Even a LEGO game which

I personally never heard of sold better than Rivals. What my point is, is that the fanbase shrank. It progressed into other trends (aka shooter games) which were more polished. Sure everyone has a sort of soft spot for NFS. But when asked to spend $50-60 on a game, people would rather be spending it on something else than NFS. Right now the trend seems to come back to customization. Countless games which people play are free with customization locked behind a paywall. Why? Because people like difference aesthetics and looks and want to stand out and be unique. And that is what the car culture is all about. And we are seeing a resurgence of JDM cars and customization. More refined nowadays but a nod back to the early 2000s. And now the main trend is to widebodykit everything that is possible to or not.

People joke about some certain online multiplayer games (mainly MOBAs like Dota 2 or League of Legends) and their communities being incredibly toxic. But I would say Need for Speed fanbase is on another level. You get such a huge variation and difference in opinion over what NFS should be that people end up bickering over it. Some people solely want Underground 3 to happen but fail to see that it wouldn’t be anything like it. Others like Brake-to-drift handling others detest it. Again some others want to see remastered version of older games. But thats living in the past. And while they are amazing game and we all love them (mostly) we have to consider the future of the series. There were countless of passion projects that have been picked up by the community completely and got invested in it. Most recently it was a passion and fanmade project called Tokyo Nights.

There have been project but have never seen such unity in liking what people have created. While there can be a line drawn between what people want and UG3 it would have to be something different. Different times call for different style of games, content and player experience. That is what the community needs to understand and help the development by sharing their ideas and hopefully they will listen. Which Ghost Games have done in the past and hopefully continue to do so. But it can all be really misleading as thanks to such popular mainstream community sites opinions and feedback which is not reflective of the actual community can easily be the detail which developers base their games around. Which we all can agree isnt beneficial.
I want this article to serve as a conversation starter. I can’t possible list all the things that have put NFS where it is at. I`m not trying to paint the picture that our beloved game is in a dire situation. It’s been improving from the overall agreed on bad games it had. There are ups and downs but what we can be happy about is that Need for Speed was one of the first game series out there realising they need to change and listen to the community which has never been easier than now. Access to sites like this, to Reddit and a bunch of YouTubers who are vocal about their opinions and want the game to flourish once again and be as good as it can be. It was a trend overall (with some respectable exceptions) that corporate greed from AAA companies have ruined of the games and have been plaguing them with all sorts of bad DLC habits and microtransactions. Regardless I personally have a positive view on the curve Need for Speed is going. Its here to stay. It sells. We love it and will continue to do so because wherever may our passion come from to the series we, here all are united with our passion to the series.

Forum discussion link (thread was accidentally deleted in a bot sweep. Leave your thoughts in the comments)

So our most esteemed member nfsu360 is still working on tools and ways to make Most Wanted and Carbon modable. This time he managed to put Rockport into Carbon. Not only that, he released a download link on his blog! Feel free to go and try it out for yourself. I have already seen tools being made for it for small fixes which great to see as we are all a community here.

nfsu360s blog/download link: HERE

nfsu360`s feature video: HERE



All cars can reach level 399, Speedlist collision has been adjusted, quick races are yours to create, and more.

We're ready to show off our latest update, and this time we've fine-tuned Need for Speed Payback with tons of great suggestions from the community. A major boost for every car, Speedlist adjustments, customizable quick races, and other changes are headed your way! Check out everything coming on June 19, 2018 below.


AllDrive: Quick Races

Beat your friends anytime, anywhere. Now you can create your own races in AllDrive and invite everyone in your Hangout session to join. Select a destination, send an invite to other players on the server, and be the first across the finish line.

All Car Level Caps Bumped to 399

We tested out Eddie's Skyline last time, and now every ride can become a beautiful beast. With this patch, all cars can reach a max level of 399, up from 299. This is one of our most requested changes, and we can't wait to see the superb builds you create.

Car Pack

Grab these three cars in a fresh paid DLC car pack:

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Try your luck in a gambler's paradise with this sleek ride. Its distinct Italian design sends a message when it rolls up to the starting line: you can't beat class.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
This off-roader is ready to tear up the streets and the sands of Fortune Valley. With a beefed up engine, you'll leave the competition in a cloud of dust!

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
A ride this burly leaves an impression on and off-road. Those looks aren't just for show—it looks and drives like a beast.

AllDrive: Chat Wheel

We've seen all the creative ways you try to communicate in AllDrive and thought we'd make your options a little prettier. Now you can tell everyone how you really feel with the brand-new Chat Wheel. Select an emote and it will appear above your car for other racers to see, or as an indicator on a friend’s screen if they’re not looking at your ride.

Speedlist Collision Paused at Race Start

Nothing ruins a good Speedlist run like crashing at the starting line. Now, collision detection will be suspended for the first 10 seconds of Speedlist races, so you can break away from the pack before the carnage starts.

Fresh Abandoned Cars: All 10 Street League Boss Vehicles

Show everyone you’re the boss when you collect the cars of every street league leader, plus some iconic Need for Speed rides. Based on your feedback we'll be dropping one car per week into the deserted parts of Fortune Valley, so keep your eyes peeled!

Toggle UI On and Off

Want an even more immersive experience without all the maps and stats in your face? Toggle all UI on and off whenever you like. You can practically feel the digital wind in your hair.

Vanity Items
Cop Car Sirens

Make your friends feel the heat with four different cop car vanity horns. It pairs perfectly with . . .

Multicolor Underglow

We're introducing a huge variety of multicolor Underglow with different rarity levels – become a physical and visual hazard on the roadway, and look good doing it. Combine the sirens and red-and-blue Underglow, then launch into a high speed chase.


Customize your ride even more with 24 unique rims, eight each from 3SDM, fifteen52, and HRE Performance Wheels:

Fifteen 52
Outlaw 003, Penta GT 3 Piece, Evo SC Block 3 Piece, RSR Apex 3 Piece, RSR Chicane 3 Piece, RSR Holeshot 3 Piece, RSR Stage 3 Piece, TurboMac SC 3 Piece
3.0 1 V2, 3.01 FX2, 3.05, 3.33 FX2, 3.06 FR, 3.35 FX2, 3.41 FR, 3.66 FR
305 Mono, 935, C109, P200, R101, RS106, S107, S201H
All these features are racing your way on June 19, 2018. Which are you most excited for? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we'll see you at the starting line.

Tell us in the comment section how you feel about this upcoming update !


Hello members ,
Thanks to a member of our community , Hyvelez, we are now proud to announce you that you can join a Discord Server based on that episode of NFS.

It also covers NFS 1, NFS 2 and NFS HS, with daily activity.

Here goes the link to join it :

Also don't forget to join our community Discord Server :

Hello , fellow members !

After some time , it's time for some new updates.
We have noticed that some members doesn't know the mean of " being patient ", this update should solve the issue , thanks to some members who asked for it.

So to start about the Request Forums,

- Maximum of ONE request per day.
- Requests should be done ONLY in the Forum Requests.
- Indicate which car(s) you want. (multiple cars in one thread allowed.)
- Precise for which games you want the request to be done.
- Precise the replacement (in case you want that a certain car needs to be replaced )
- Mention if you have any special ideas or suggestions.

However, doing those things may get you a deletion of your request as well as a ban if there is any recidive :

- Making multiple threads about different cars for the same game. No need to make a bunch of requests when one suffice.

- DO NOT make a request in another section other than the forums section.
Request will be automatically deleted and the member who did it may see his account suspended for a short/long amount of time.

- Spamming of a request (obviously you'll get a permanent ban).

- Harassing the modder who accepted the request.

- Not precise request ( eg. "I want to see this car for NFS xxxx" , or " new idea car mod " )

- Stealing or reposting a request already made by someone else
(if you want a car that has been quoted in the request, just say it in the desired topic)

- Useless requests (asking for a car when the mod is already out for the games asked).

Please note that you don't need to ask why a request is deleted or moved , you'll either see why it has been moved by searching for it in the forums , and if it's deleted you'll get a MP about it.
If you got banned because you didn't followed the rules , there's also no need to hate. You disobey , you get what you deserve. In that case it turns into a perma-ban.

We hope this update will make the navigation easier to those who have some requests to done , and also to the ones who are willing to do them.

Ti-Sonic - NFSCars Staff



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