Lamborghini Miura is widely considered to have begun the trend of high performance, two-seater, mid-engine sports cars. At its launch, the Miura SV was the fastest production road car available and we are pleased to add this vintage exotic to our NFS World car list!

Upon its inception, the Miura provided unmatched performance figures. At nearly 400hp, this mid-engine beauty brought about many of today’s staples for Lamborghini, namely a mid-rear mounted V12 engine. Its handling complimented the engine's performance, but was not as predictable as that of its front-engine counterparts.

The Lamborghini Miura is where it all started and helped coin the term “Supercar”. With only 150 ever built, you have a rare chance to jump in and take this classic for a cruise on the NFS World streets.

To drive a piece of history, stop by the Car Dealer today!

The Nissan GT-R SpecV (R35) certainly looks a lot meaner than the stock GT-R. This coupe is without a doubt, the most radical road-going racer Japan has ever produced.

With increased power plus donning new carbon fiber pieces, including a rear spoiler, front grille and brake ducts, this Tier 3 rocket is what you have been waiting for.

A sports car that takes all the punishment professional racers can dish out and begs for more, the SpecV (R35) is a great choice to dominate the best in class.

To add “Godzilla” to your garage, go to the Car Dealer today!

Beware the Ban Hammer!

NFSW currently has 11M registered users and continues to grow every week. To ensure that the overall game experience remains fun and more importantly, fair, we have been banning hackers on a regular basis. However, with the significant growth and popularity of the game, there has been an even greater increase in the number of hackers. We understand that players using such hacks negatively affect gameplay.

Rest assured, we are committed to creating the best experience possible and upholding the integrity of our Terms of Service. Steps are being taken by our Security Team to find and extract hackers or anyone violating the ToS on a daily basis.

All accounts that have been caught hacking or using third-party hacks will be permanently suspended. This includes both IGC and SpeedBoost players.

So, Don’t Cheat. Just Compete!

Want to stand out visually while holding it down in Team Escape? If so, the cool custom version of the El Camino SS is waiting for you!

Loaded with an old school 454 V8 engine, this truck hybrid is ready to take you to victory. You’ll be able to smash through roadblocks with ease, as the physics have been custom tuned for the popular Team Escape game mode!

With the recent additions of “Underground” and “High Stakes,” it’s perfect timing to dominate the new events in style.

To leave your competitors and cops in the dust, available for Top-Up today!

NFS World has been retiring cars and will continue to do so on a regular basis, so if you have had your eye on a certain beloved car, get it while you can!

With plenty of new cars being introduced weekly, we’ll look to “existing” cars and temporarily retire them. Owners of the retired cars will still be able to race them, whereas others will need to wait until the car is once again available. Retired cars will become available again in the future but at no guaranteed schedule. We will always give you 1-week notice and a list of the cars that are scheduled for retirement in the upcoming week. This gives you plenty of time to decide for yourself!

As of March 1, the following cars will be retired from our current inventory:

Mustang RTR-X
Lotus Exige
Lotus Exige (Art Director)
BMW M3 E92
To help our community get their hands on these cars before they’re gone, these cars will be on sale for 20% off ALL WEEK!!! Now is your chance so don’t miss out! Get these cars in your garage today!

Originally sold under the Altezza nameplate (in its home market of Japan), the IS line of cars is Lexus’ entry-level luxury sportscar that wants to run down the competition here at NFS World!

Boasting a V6 developing 350 horsepower, the IS model range provides a sporty handling, rear wheel drive sedan for the refined palette. The chassis has been campaigned in the Japanese Super GT race series (GT300 class).

Lexus had to design a sedan with expanded performance and quality to combat the ever dominant competition.

A tall order, but we think Lexus may have pulled it off. Get yours today at the Car Dealer!

Building on the success of our Event Extravaganza in November, we’re holding another event but this time with a twist! Instead of opening up every single race event, we’re concentrating on only a handful. This is to make sure that players get to compete with as many other players as possible.

For two days only, from Wednesday 5pm PST – Friday 4pm PST, a total of 6 events will be available to all Drivers who are Level 2 and above. The events are:

- Eagle Drive (Sprint)

- Garden Boulevard (Circuit)

- Rockport Resistance (Pursuit Outrun)

- All In (Team Escape – Tier 1)

- Compromised (Team Escape – Tier 2)

- Most Wanted (Team Escape – Tier 3)

All other events will be temporarily disabled and removed from the map. Tier restrictions (i.e you need a car which matches the event Tier in order to join) will still be applicable, but otherwise you are completely free to try out any event you desire.

Rewards for these two days will be based on your current Driver Level, so you don’t have to be concerned about losing Rep & Cash or power leveling your Driver. The “Race Now” feature will be disabled during this event, so you can make your event selections via the World Map or by driving up to the event icon in Free Roam.

Get ready to race!

The history of BMW M3 motor sport has been enriched by a further fascinating chapter, as the BMW M3 GTS celebrates its debut on the racetrack and on the road here at NFSW!

The BMW M3 GTS can be recognized from the outside by its bright orange single-colored body and matte black components. Naturally aspirated by a high-revving V8 engine that outputs an impressive 450 horsepower, this sportscar will allow you to challenge the best in Tier 3.

With over 400lbs stripped from its curb weight, this will definitely help you get that power to the rear wheels, all while hitting all your apexes.

This German sportscar is an icon and internationally known to behold the highest level of technology. The number of victories and titles achieved in touring car races have never been matched by any other model.

Go to the Car Dealer today to start adding victories to your NFS World profile!

Welcome to Ask Marc Episode 62, where Marc answers the most pressing questions from our online community this week. Topics discussed include:

In-game crews

Team Escape cars

Banning cheaters

Additional languages

And the next big thing on our plate

Click play to watch!

Ask Marc features Need for Speed World producer Marc De Vellis and NFS community manager Drew Hahn answering questions from the community about NFS World. You can submit your questions about NFS World on Marc De Vellis's Facebook page.

The fans have spoken, and today we’re activating the “Car Battles” playlist!

We’re also making it another Double XP Weekend. Since last weekend was so much fun, we thought we would do it again!

The NFS team will be online from 4pm – 5pm (PST). Add them now:

NFSDrew [Xbox]
NFSPetra [PS3]
NFSJiggsy [Xbox]

Check out our Facebook page throughout the week as we will be putting up another poll to see which of the four remaining playlists get turned on next week!



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