As many of you have noticed, some pages (the list cars/brands/authors/pursuit and search pages to be exact) are unreachable at certain times, and only displaying an Internal Server Error message.

This has everything to do with the reason I have been optimizing the sites code. The problem is, that the script that takes care of all the pages above is causing problems on the server in peak hours. It basicly pulls too much CPU. The server admin disables the script whenever the load becomes to big and turns it back on when all is fine again.

We are working on it, but it could take some time, so please be patient!

Finally, NFSCars would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

December 20th 2001

well more and more often I am receiving cars with screenshot formats like bitmap or Paint shop pro images.Right now I added the cars but please authors check through the cars you put on this site and email me if you have a wrong screenshot format.If you dont know how to tranfer a picture into jpg email me also.Plus from now on any car with a wrong picture format will be added but removed after 1 week of warnings and emails to the author.
Please see to it that you change this.

Web admin

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Scare Tuning back up
December 19th 2001

Scares site ( is back up and you can go and see it now..

NFSCars had a total of 5206 unique visitors yesterday, and the huge amount of 72153 pageviews!!!

Who said NFS was dying? The visitor numbers on NFSCars keep on growing every week.

Thank you all for visiting, and keep coming back offcourse!!!

There is a downside to all this: the site still is causing problems on the server. To test if the counter has anything to do with it, it has been disabled and replaced with an Extreme Counter.

Racerplanet Servers
December 14th 2001


if any of you are wondering what happened to Racerplanet.Com, TotalNFS, ND4SPDWORLD, NFSGARAGE, and all there hosted sites, if you havent heard already the server that had all those sites on it had a failure and so a hugh part of the NFS Community is offline for now, but it should be back up this weekend for now visit


Today we passed the line of 1000 cars for NFS4!

Thanks everyone who created and uploaded cars, and offcourse also all the visitors, as without visitors, there would be no site :)

Keep those cars coming!

I am currently reducing the load on the server, this requires some changes in the scripts, so you might see some strange things sometimes. If you see something not right (and it is still there a half an hour later or so), please let me know, as it is probably a bug.

Now, how am I reducing the load? Well, by using a clever system called Server Side Caching.

It basicly stores things in both files and the database. The files contain ready-to-use HTML code, that only need to be included in the site, which causes a lot less load than pulling everything out of the database every time.

Currently, this system is used for the news on the frontpage and the comments under the cars. Everytime a comment or newsitem is posted/edited/removed, the file is updated, so it is always up to date.

Im gonna implement the system on more pages as well soon, it reduces the load on the server and increases the loading speed of the site.

That is all for today :)

Some of you may have noticed that NFSCars is down regularly lately (and you get a 403 Forbidden error).

This is because the site is pulling too much CPU power for the server to handle. If the server is having trouble, my host temporary shuts down NFSCars to reduce the load.

I am going to change some things on the site to reduce the load on the server. I already removed the Random Affiliates and some other small things, but there will be a few more changes in the next couple of weeks.

Just for your information:
NFSGarages main domain is not available at the moment.

You can visit the site at for now!

That is all for the moment :)

New Affiliate
November 27th 2001

We have a new affiliate called HackedSpeed, be sure to check out there site because they have a top50 list on there that you can vote for your favorite nfssite or just look for a different site, and be sure to vote for NFSCars, by click the button that says Vote @ top 50!!

Click Here to go to HackedSpeed




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