It took a bit longer than planned, but the new messageboard is up and running.

It is not as fancy as the temporary board I used for some weeks, but it has some advantages:
- Integrated into the site
- No separate login or registration required
- Features can be added on request

It is not completely ready yet, things that need to be done:
- Search function
- Edit post
- Admin options like move/close posts
- Image posting or attachment uploading
And some other things as well. Feel free to post suggestions or bugs on the new board :)

Have fun with it!

I removed all 5 cars uploaded by n4spdmania, because at least 2 of them were stolen from other people.

These cars are confirmed stolen:
Dodge Viper Venom (made by Ozid)
Shelby Cobra 427 (made by Nikkon)

I havent checked the other cars, but someone who steals other peoples cars doesnt deserve to have any cars on this site!

I received an email, stating that 2 trucks on the site were also stolen, this time by Nikolay Nikitin. The names on the cars have been changed to the original authors (Atam & BIM).

If you suspect a car being stolen, please let me know!


i have just recently been added to the staff here at nfscars and i am glad to be here, well my first update is here, small, but here, it includes a few nice imports by Ryuji Kainoh. I will be adding more nfs3 cars so everone who still plays that game stay tuned!!



I took some time today to clean out the entire links & affiliates section, resulting in a much smaller list, but all of them are working (unless I overlooked a link).

If you find a broken link, please let me know!

I decided to remove the cars with the File Not Found message, which leaves us with just over 1100 cars to choose from.

Keep uploading cars to keep the list growing though :)

The pictures section has been removed, as it was quite useless and wasnt working anymore anyway. If you want to see great car pictures, go to :)

Also, the temporary board is open again, it seems to be working fine now, so it will stay open until the new board arrives.

The temporary vBulletin board that was running suddenly started producing MySQL errors, so I decided to close it.

The new board I have been working on for a while now (dont have much time to work on it actually) is coming along nicely - the topiclist, different board and new topic posting is working already. Reply handling will come next (is quite similar to new topic handling), as well as topicview offcourse, and some other useful features.

I hope to have it online within 2 weeks from now!



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