Around this time, 3 years ago, NFSCars opened its doors. With less than 100 cars, the site was still very small, but the site was quite a success from the start. First hosted at PHPWebhosting, but within a month they emailed me that the site was already using way too much bandwidth and that I had to move the downloads elsewhere.

After a month I discovered SportPlanet, a new part of the GameSpy network. They offered me to host NFSCars, and at that moment it was the best option.

At SportPlanet, NFSCars could grow rapidly, without having to worry about bandwidth limits or disk quotas. Unfortunately, FilePlanet (which handled all the downloads) was not easy to handle. Slow downloads and later on long waiting lines (Sometimes you had to wait over an hour before a download could start!), so I started looking for a new host again, which was somewhere in the summer of 2001.

I found someone who was willing to host me on his own server and I immediately grabbed the opportunity. Unfortunately, it did not work out and after just a month, NFSCars moved back to SportPlanet.

Not much later I was talking to Mike, who was working on Games-Are-Forever. He wanted to have his own server. We talked a lot and finally, a year ago, NFSCars moved to the new server and said farewell to FilePlanet.

Also a year ago, right after the move here, the new messageboard was opened, which has gotten bigger and bigger over time.

Finally, a few weeks ago, NFSCars moved servers again. This time mainly because the other server was somewhat overloaded and Mike had a second server running. On this server, NFSCars can grow even bigger.

NFSCars has now almost 3800 cars, which means that over 3 years, this is an average of 3.5 cars a day! The first months we tried to add at least one car a day, which was quite a lot of work without upload scripts and with a slow connection. Nowadays, everything is automated: Visitors and cardesigners upload through the uploadscript, one of the admin members reviews it shortly and the car is added, which can all be done in about 5 minutes! And were currently at an average of about 8 cars a day!

Id like to thank the NFSCars Admin team (current members as well as past members), car designers and offcourse everyone who visits NFSCars for making this possible and keeping the site alive!

3000 cars passed!
December 8th 2002

Just a quick message: NFSCars passed the 3000 cars! Woohoo! :)

As usual, thanks go out to:
- Car designers
- Visitors
- NFSCars moderators & admins
- Everyone else!

Next stop: 4000. At this rate (about 50 cars/week) itll take only 20 weeks to get there! That also means that 5000 can be reached within a year if people continue to make cars that long. Let us all hope that NFS6 becomes seriously editable soon (in the same way as NFS3 & NFS4), that would certainly make things a lot easier!

Hmm, this post became longer than planned after all…

Today NFSCars passed the 25,000 comments on cars. This is a huge number (and shows an average of over 10 comments/car), thats why I think its nice to let everyone know.

This function has contributed to the success of NFSCars and is widely appreciated. A lot of other sites followed this example and made it a standard feature on most sites.

The level of the comments is not always of a high level, but NFSCars would not be the same without the comments section.

Thanks to everyone for posting comments, and remember to follow the rules of commenting always!

Today NFSCars passed the huge amount of 2000 cars!!! This is one of the biggest milestones NFSCars has ever reached, and were very happy with it!

Id like to thank all the car creators for supplying NFSCars with lots of cars - especially over the last few months cars are added on a daily basis! Thank you car creators!

Offcourse I would also like to thank everyone else who made this possible, namely the site admins (current ones as well as previous ones), my current host (thanks Mike & Justin!), GameSpy/SportPlanet (for hosting me for almost 2 years!) and offcourse all of you visitors!!! Without the huge amounts of visitors coming to NFSCars each day (5000 unique visitors a day, over 80.000 pageviews a day!), this site would have died a long time ago!

Offcourse 2000 is not the limit - well keep working on the site as long as we can and as long as people keep visiting and cars are being uploaded! Keep those cars coming!

Sander Prinsen, NFSCars Webmaster

New affiliates
April 7th 2002

NFSCars is proud to announce that it is the very first affiliate of RacerPlanet! Offcourse eveyone knows RacerPlanet, as it is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) networks within the NFS community, with hosted sites like NFSGarage, NFSCheats, ND4SPDWorld and NFSDesign.

Another new affiliate is Racing Central - hosted by the same RacerPlanet as mentioned above, this site has its own collection of cars, tracks and other useful stuff for the allround NFS fan :)

Important: make sure you have read the previous newspost regarding donations! Thank you :)

Yesterday, NFSCars passed the amount of 1700 cars in total. This is once more a great milestone in the rich history of NFSCars.

Id like to thank all those that have uploaded cars to the site, and I hope you keep doing that!

Im also working on a new design (finally…), as the current design is too old in my opinion. I dont know yet when it will be implemented, it could take well over a month, or maybe even more as I dont have all the time of the world to do it.

So stay tuned!

Today we passed the line of 1000 cars for NFS4!

Thanks everyone who created and uploaded cars, and offcourse also all the visitors, as without visitors, there would be no site :)

Keep those cars coming!



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