Based on the Warner Bros’ cartoon character, the “Road Runner” was projected to sell about 2000 cars in 1969. Instead, it sold around 45,000 and was named car of the year by Motor Trend.

Everything essential to performance was beefed up un this muscle car beauty. Boasting a HEMI engine, one of the best engines of the muscle car era, and a signature lift-off fiberglass hood fastened by hood pins, the Road Runner packs enough punch for any muscle car fans.

Knock out the competitors with this powerful Tier 1! Head over to the Car Dealer and get yours today!

The “Elite” line-up adds some muscle to the already powerful Camaro ZL1! With excellent driving dynamics, a supercharged V8 engine boasting 550hp, the Camaro ZL1 is not only Chevrolet’s highest performing car, but it’s also venturing into Supercar territory.

The powerful persona of the Camaro ZL1 is made even beefier with this exclusive one-off Elite version. The entire concept is dragster-inspired, starting with the huge 45” drag tires that feature Need for Speed whitewall wheels! For the first time ever in NFS World, players are able to place vinlys on the rear window which will help their unique style and creation!

Like most race cars, the full interior has been gutted and the fuel filler is on the right side where the passenger seat used to be. Additionally, this masterpiece features wheelie bars with struts and supports, a full roll cage, window mesh on the driver’s side window and a shift tack on the dashboard. The driver will even be sporting a helmet – another first in NFS World!

For an even more menacing look, enjoy the 2 giant intercoolers and side exhaust that shoot out flames. Drive in hood-cam to see flames shoot straight from the engine!

The entire car is pitched forwards and the centre portion of the top of the car has been beveled down, which aids in creating aerodynamic downforce.

This super-charged car also sports a metal badge, exclusive only to NFSW Elite Cars.

Be among the first to add this muscle Elite to your garage! Head over to the Car Dealer and join the “Elite” club today!

Made by one of the World’s most uncompromising sportscar brands, the Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni is one of the hottest exotics of all time.

With its “Italian Policia” inspired livery, this custom Cop Edition is sure to turn heads. Outfitted with cop lights and a bull bar perched on its nose, this Italian exotic is ready to run down anyone in NFS World.

The white and blue have never been this fast before! Get yours today in the Car Dealer!

The Toyota MR2 “Gymkhana” edition is the track toy you’ve always wanted. While the mid-rear layout of this car lends great weight distribution, many tuners have found this a difficult platform to tune. Thankfully, this track-tuned variation is ready to rock, right out of the box.

With its 2.0l, turbocharged 3SGT-E engine belting out nearly 220hp in stock trim, this stripped out time-attack version is destined to carve seconds off of your lap times.

The car is finished in a satin red, with matte black Volk wheels and a high down force rear wing. The visual package rounds out a great JDM racer!

Dominate Tier 1 in style! Head over to the Car Dealer and get yours today.

The purpose of this maintenance window is to deploy server / a game patch to Need for Speed World. Please see Release Notes below.

March 06th, 2012

4 hours
Start: 1pm (13:00) PST – 4pm (16:00) EST – 9pm (21:00) GMT
End: 5pm (17:00) PST – 8pm (20:00) EST – 1am (1:00) GMT

Affected Users:
During the maintenance window, the servers will be offline and users will not able to log in and play Need for Speed World. Players who are already logged in and playing NFS World will be disconnected from the server and therefore, disconnected from the game.

New Features:
- The News Feed has been redesigned with an improved user interface
- Players will now be able to see what new cars, features, or promotions have been added the game when first logging in
- An all new Toyota MR2 (Gymkhana) has been added to the game and is available for purchase from the Car Dealer

Bug Fixes/Changes:
- Fixed an issue that caused geometry to disappear from the Mazda RX-8’s roof with specific visual packages installed
- Fixed a vinyl mirroring issue on the Lexus IS350
- Fixed a blown out polygon on the BMW M3 E92’s rear bumper with visual packages installed
- The top speed of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition’s reverse gear has been increased
- Brakes that were not visible on the Lamborghini Countach 5000 quattrovalvole have been added
- Fixed some Cash and Rep calculation issues when purchasing Amplifiers at the Team Escape post-race screen

NFS World has been retiring cars and will continue to do so on a regular basis, so if you have had your eye on a certain beloved car, get it while you can!

With plenty of new cars being introduced weekly, we’ll look to “existing” cars and temporarily retire them. Owners of the retired cars will still be able to race them, whereas others will need to wait until the car is once again available. Retired cars will become available again in the future but at no guaranteed schedule.

As of March 8, the following cars will be retired from our current inventory:

Porsche 911 Carrera S - Snowflake 2.0
Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) Blue
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1967
Ford Mustang Boss 302 - 1969
To help our community get their hands on these cars before they’re gone, these cars will be on sale for 40% off until Thursday, March 8!!! Now is your chance so don’t miss out! Get these cars in your garage today!

The Clio is a class-act supermini offered by the renowned French auto manufacturer Renault.

The Renault Sport Clio V6 is a nutty, wide body hot hatch that features a zippy V6 engine that outputs 250hp to the rear wheels.

Discover what it feels like to perform moves that would be prohibited on public roads today! The Clio is now available for Top-Up!

The fans have spoken, and today we’re activating the “Manufacturer Battles” playlist!

We’re also making it another Double XP Weekend. Since last weekend was so much fun, we thought we would do it again!

The NFS team will be online from 2pm – 3pm (PST). Add them now:

NFSCoulter [Xbox]
NFSPetra [PS3]

Check out our Facebook page throughout the week as we will be putting up another poll to see which of the two remaining playlists get turned on next week!

The fastest and most powerful Bentley to date, the Continental Supersports Coupe is a real head-turner. This 2-seater features 621 hp and a “Quickshift” transmission which cuts its shift times in half.

An all-wheel-drive system, twin turbocharger intercoolers as well as carbon fibre panels aids in delivering supercar performance. The Continental Supersports Coupe set new performance benchmarks not only for Bentley, but for all sports luxury vehicles.

Tuned for the popular Team Escape game mode, this “Juggernaut” edition is ready to smash through any roadblock or rhino that gets in its way!

Get behind the wheel and dominate “Underground” and “High Stakes” today. Now available in the Car Dealer!

Lamborghini Miura is widely considered to have begun the trend of high performance, two-seater, mid-engine sports cars. At its launch, the Miura SV was the fastest production road car available and we are pleased to add this vintage exotic to our NFS World car list!

Upon its inception, the Miura provided unmatched performance figures. At nearly 400hp, this mid-engine beauty brought about many of today’s staples for Lamborghini, namely a mid-rear mounted V12 engine. Its handling complimented the engine's performance, but was not as predictable as that of its front-engine counterparts.

The Lamborghini Miura is where it all started and helped coin the term “Supercar”. With only 150 ever built, you have a rare chance to jump in and take this classic for a cruise on the NFS World streets.

To drive a piece of history, stop by the Car Dealer today!



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