Most Wanted Ferrari...

April 24th 2006

A lot of people were disappointed when MW came out that it did not include Ferraris. Sources say that EA didnt manage to get permission from Ferrari to use the models in the game. I dont know the exact reason myself, but rumors say that Ferrari didnt want Ferraris being linked to car chases. Personally, I dont think thats the reason, I think Sega got an exclusive license from Ferrari to use in their new game Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast.

But, the NFS community isnt letting it off so easy. None other than Arushan himself, who also cracked both NFS Porsche Unleashed and NFS Hot Pursuit 2, has been working on the MW file format and released the first teasers on the NFSCars forums showing a Ferrari 360 Spider in the MW showroom.

Arushan is still working on ironing out bugs when it comes to ingame screenshots and is nowhere near releasing any editing tools, so dont ask for it or ask for a date. Just know it is being worked on!

Read more on this in the forum thread located here:!

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