Need For Speed: Nitro

May 22nd 2009

Thanks to a heads up from NFSPlanet, we can bring you some of the first information available for NFS:Nitro, including a trailer video.

NFS Nitro, second title of this year's Need for Speed lineup, is the result of a brand new development including some of the usual ingredients: excellent sensation for speed, a car pool covering the newest achievements of automotive industry and a licensed soundtrack are as well featured as the well-known however hardly recognizable Underground graphics engine. Whereas Shift adventures towards the simulation genre, Nitro puts in reverse gear and emerges as a typical Wii title. Having a smooth learning curve, excessive coloring and unorthodox design, the game clearly aims at the casual gaming market.


[…]Another uncommon design feature is the ambience adapting to the race leader's logo. Before any race can go off, you will have to choose your ride and a symbol that is supposed to represent you. Once you are in the lead, buildings and landscape are dynamically readjusting themselves according to your car design. There were no advantages in terms of game play through that, but all the drivers pursuing you will surely do their best to take the top spot. Thereby, all race tracks are completely fictive and designed with focus on variety. Some races take place in SoCal, but will also be able to drift on snow-covered serpentines.

On the lane to victory you will also get in conflict with the police bugging you following a heat system similar to Most Wanted or Undercover. Oddly enough, they are just moving obstacles so you won't get arrested at any point in the game. For this reason there's no need to fear burning barrels or spike strips, but driving bumper cars should be a more helpful preparation instead.[…]

As always you can check out all the screens in the screenshot section of Nitro.

Source: NFSPlanet

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