Need for Speed World modding will soon be a thing

February 27th 2019

We all have dreamed of using cars we wished in NFS World. And even though NFS World has a fine list of cars there is always that one car some of us wants to be in it and play with it. Thats how the modding scene is still alive and kicking as there are almost infinite amount of cars to be made and used by a bunch of people. Now nfsu360 recently released a video where he drives around probably his favourite modding car the Citroen Vision Concept GT in NFS World. Lets hope the mod tool will soon be released and we can get modding away and make World our new passion alongside the most famous ones on the site (MW and Carbon). Which then could also lead to private servers with cars modded in. Just a whole bunch of possibilities which I personally am excited for. But enough chit chat. Have a look for yourself!

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