NFSCars 3 years old!

March 25th 2003

Around this time, 3 years ago, NFSCars opened its doors. With less than 100 cars, the site was still very small, but the site was quite a success from the start. First hosted at PHPWebhosting, but within a month they emailed me that the site was already using way too much bandwidth and that I had to move the downloads elsewhere.

After a month I discovered SportPlanet, a new part of the GameSpy network. They offered me to host NFSCars, and at that moment it was the best option.

At SportPlanet, NFSCars could grow rapidly, without having to worry about bandwidth limits or disk quotas. Unfortunately, FilePlanet (which handled all the downloads) was not easy to handle. Slow downloads and later on long waiting lines (Sometimes you had to wait over an hour before a download could start!), so I started looking for a new host again, which was somewhere in the summer of 2001.

I found someone who was willing to host me on his own server and I immediately grabbed the opportunity. Unfortunately, it did not work out and after just a month, NFSCars moved back to SportPlanet.

Not much later I was talking to Mike, who was working on Games-Are-Forever. He wanted to have his own server. We talked a lot and finally, a year ago, NFSCars moved to the new server and said farewell to FilePlanet.

Also a year ago, right after the move here, the new messageboard was opened, which has gotten bigger and bigger over time.

Finally, a few weeks ago, NFSCars moved servers again. This time mainly because the other server was somewhat overloaded and Mike had a second server running. On this server, NFSCars can grow even bigger.

NFSCars has now almost 3800 cars, which means that over 3 years, this is an average of 3.5 cars a day! The first months we tried to add at least one car a day, which was quite a lot of work without upload scripts and with a slow connection. Nowadays, everything is automated: Visitors and cardesigners upload through the uploadscript, one of the admin members reviews it shortly and the car is added, which can all be done in about 5 minutes! And were currently at an average of about 8 cars a day!

Id like to thank the NFSCars Admin team (current members as well as past members), car designers and offcourse everyone who visits NFSCars for making this possible and keeping the site alive!

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