NFSCars 4 years old...

March 31st 2004

Almost forgot about it: NFSCars is now 4 years old.

4 years ago on March 24th, I registered the domain and started this website. A lot of things have changed over time, but NFSCars is still NFSCars. The basics of the site are still the same and will stay the same. Even with the new NFSCars coming, the identity of this site will remain.

As always, Id like to thank everyone who made this possible. This includes, offcourse, the NFSCars admins & moderators, but also the hundreds of thousands of visitors NFSCars has had over the years. Still 5000 unique visitors come to NFSCars every day, downloading cars (an avarage of 8000 downloads/day) and joining in on the community.

A special thanks goes out to our host, Mike Geise, who has been our host for over 2 years now. Without it, NFSCars would have been long gone. Thanks Mike :super:

Thats all for now. Lets celebrate, drinks are on me ;)

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