NFSCars passes 2000 cars!!

May 2nd 2002

Today NFSCars passed the huge amount of 2000 cars!!! This is one of the biggest milestones NFSCars has ever reached, and were very happy with it!

Id like to thank all the car creators for supplying NFSCars with lots of cars - especially over the last few months cars are added on a daily basis! Thank you car creators!

Offcourse I would also like to thank everyone else who made this possible, namely the site admins (current ones as well as previous ones), my current host (thanks Mike & Justin!), GameSpy/SportPlanet (for hosting me for almost 2 years!) and offcourse all of you visitors!!! Without the huge amounts of visitors coming to NFSCars each day (5000 unique visitors a day, over 80.000 pageviews a day!), this site would have died a long time ago!

Offcourse 2000 is not the limit - well keep working on the site as long as we can and as long as people keep visiting and cars are being uploaded! Keep those cars coming!

Sander Prinsen, NFSCars Webmaster

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