Reward code for 2M likes for Need for Speed World Facebook page

June 20th 2014


Need for Speed World page on Facebook reached 2M likes. So they released a reward on Thursday, June 19th 2014. The reward is a code.



Upon redeeming the code, you will receive:
- 2000 SpeedBoost
- 2x Car Prize Packs
- 2x License Plates
- Red Flame Neon
- Bumper Sticker Vinyls

How to redeem?
1>Go to
2>Login with your email id & Origin Password which you use to play NFS:World.
3>Copy-Paste the above mentioned code in 'REDEEM A GAME CODE' box & click on 'REDEEM CODE'
4>If it becomes successful, you can see on the website itself that your speedboost has increased by 2000.

How to check rewards?
1>Start your game with the same email id & password.
2>Select any driver.
3>Jump to Safehouse.
4>To install the free Neon, go to AfterMarket Shop & view the Store. Go to Neons & select 'Lumox Red Flames Neon' having '0' speedboost.
5>To install the free License Plates, go to AfterMarket Shop & view the Store. Go to License Plates & select 'Supercar' or 'Prestige' having '0' speedboost.
6>To install Bumper Sticker Vinyls, go to Vinyl Shop & there you have Bumper Sticker vinyls all at '0' cost.
7>To redeem Car Prize Packs, click on Card Packs.
8>Select the one which would have Price as '0' Speedboost.
9>Enjoy your free Car Prize :)

Code expires on Monday June 23rd 08.00 UTC. So hurry up!

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