Screenshot contest #5 results

May 20th 2019

So the fifth Screenshots Contest has concluded too. Thank you everyone for entering and well done to all!!! See you in the next one

Due to some controversy and suspected foul play and lack of correspondence to clear such issues, FrankyGTAandMore has been disqualified from this round of the Screenshot Contest. Therefore the 2nd place (who has been leading the polls till the last day) is crowned as the winner.

WINNER 1st place: BloodyThunderX
Votes: 25


2nd place: dropdeadgore (Entry #2)
3rd place: Boxout (Entry #6)
4th place: MR880 (Entry #12)
5th place: U4G Youtube (Entry #10)
6th place: d e f a u l t s t r i n g (Entry #3)
7th place: Cyclo (Entry #4)
8th place: Firgy (Entry #1)
9th place: Greger (Entry #8)
10th place: Clutch (Entry #5)
11th place: WOLF99 (Entry #9)
12th place: nlgzrgn (Entry #11)
13th place: james64 (Entry #13)
Disqualified: FrankyGTAandMore (Entry #14)

Screenshot Contest #6

Next theme: Cars of the Nineties
Deadline: 26th of May

Send your entries privately to me, Greger on this site or on Discord via Personal Messages.

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