The Beast is Back

February 7th 2012

This year's Beast is here and with it, returns the origional Beast from 2011. Because two Beasts packs a punch! Fill your collection with the Lexus LFA and Corvette Z06!

Exotic In Looks And Beast At Heart!

The Lexus LFA is a Beast all on its own, thus making it a natural selection for this year’s “V10 Beast.”

Its powerful V10 engine generates over 550hp and revs to more than 9000rpm, more than enough to make any driving enthusiast smile. The custom livery and “Heart Breaker” neon also sets this bad boy apart from the rest!

Decked out in a high downforce wide-body kit and BBS alloys, this V10 Beast is ready to scream into the higher RPM’s.

Go to the Car Dealer today and add this year’s “Beast” to your collection!

The Beast Is Back!

One of the most popular cars ever in NFS World, “The Beast” returns and like its original partner, has had some recent upgrades.

Both original and new owners will experience the improved steering response, overall acceleration and top speed increase! You asked for it and you got it! These polish tunes will allow you to run with the front of the pack.

The Corvette Z06 features a snarling V8 under its louvered hood plus a wide body kit which adds to its aggressive stance! Its black paint job with red two-tones gives this Tier 3 predator even more presence.

Go to the Car Dealer today and add the original “Beast” to your collection!

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