The Icon Of V12 Excellence!

February 23rd 2012

Lamborghini Miura is widely considered to have begun the trend of high performance, two-seater, mid-engine sports cars. At its launch, the Miura SV was the fastest production road car available and we are pleased to add this vintage exotic to our NFS World car list!

Upon its inception, the Miura provided unmatched performance figures. At nearly 400hp, this mid-engine beauty brought about many of today’s staples for Lamborghini, namely a mid-rear mounted V12 engine. Its handling complimented the engine's performance, but was not as predictable as that of its front-engine counterparts.

The Lamborghini Miura is where it all started and helped coin the term “Supercar”. With only 150 ever built, you have a rare chance to jump in and take this classic for a cruise on the NFS World streets.

To drive a piece of history, stop by the Car Dealer today!

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