Week of Games All-Stars Event - March 28

March 28th 2012

We're halfway through our Week of Games! Today's event will be a sprint event. All you have to do is complete that event in a multiplayer race within the 24 hours to be eligible. Everyone that completes the event will be entered into a random draw to win one of 10 daily Amazon Gold Starter Packs.

Here are the rules for today's event:

1. Any BMW cars are eligible to enter today's event.

2. Drivers must complete the Old Quarter event in a multiplayer race.

3. There are no regional / location restrictions for this community event. Players anywhere in the world can participate.

4. One entry per contestant.

Contest period:

The race begins 5:00pm (PST) Wednesday, March 28 and finishes 5:00pm (PST) Thursday March 29.

If you're on the east coast, the contest starts 8:00pm (EST) Wednesday, March 28 and finishes 8:00pm Thursday March 29.

If GMT is your timezone, the contest starts 1:00am (GMT) Thursday March 29 and finishes 1:00amFriday March 30.

Winners this week will be selected by random draw and announced on Wednesday April 4.

Good luck!

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