Welcome to v3.0

March 27th 2005

Well I wasnt satisfied with the current code structure and design aspects of v2 so the last 2 months I have been working on v3 of NFSCars.

You might not see the difference at first except for the design itself but really the backend of NFSCars has changed alot.

Whats New/Fixed:

1. Authors Listing is Back!
2. A New option of listing the files in advanced mode. - Preview
3. File Reporting (Stolen Cars, Errors Etc).
4. Comment Reporting.
5. New Stats Page (Total Files, Total cars, Etc) You can find the link to your left.
6. Fixed - Screenshot Viewing Next and Previous Links has been changed and improved.
7. You can now comment on the current polls. ( Click Here )

and much more has been done that the eye cannot see. As with every new version of the site if you happen to spot an error or bug please post in the bug reports & suggestions forum.

Also with the new code structure of NFSCars I can easily add new features in the future in far less time then with the previous versions.

One more thing to note, I havent finished all the header images so some will still look wierd, I plan to have this done my tommorow.

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