Working on load reduction...

December 5th 2001

I am currently reducing the load on the server, this requires some changes in the scripts, so you might see some strange things sometimes. If you see something not right (and it is still there a half an hour later or so), please let me know, as it is probably a bug.

Now, how am I reducing the load? Well, by using a clever system called Server Side Caching.

It basicly stores things in both files and the database. The files contain ready-to-use HTML code, that only need to be included in the site, which causes a lot less load than pulling everything out of the database every time.

Currently, this system is used for the news on the frontpage and the comments under the cars. Everytime a comment or newsitem is posted/edited/removed, the file is updated, so it is always up to date.

Im gonna implement the system on more pages as well soon, it reduces the load on the server and increases the loading speed of the site.

That is all for today :)

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