Your Camaro ZL1 Is Here!

March 9th 2012

The “Elite” line-up adds some muscle to the already powerful Camaro ZL1! With excellent driving dynamics, a supercharged V8 engine boasting 550hp, the Camaro ZL1 is not only Chevrolet’s highest performing car, but it’s also venturing into Supercar territory.

The powerful persona of the Camaro ZL1 is made even beefier with this exclusive one-off Elite version. The entire concept is dragster-inspired, starting with the huge 45” drag tires that feature Need for Speed whitewall wheels! For the first time ever in NFS World, players are able to place vinlys on the rear window which will help their unique style and creation!

Like most race cars, the full interior has been gutted and the fuel filler is on the right side where the passenger seat used to be. Additionally, this masterpiece features wheelie bars with struts and supports, a full roll cage, window mesh on the driver’s side window and a shift tack on the dashboard. The driver will even be sporting a helmet – another first in NFS World!

For an even more menacing look, enjoy the 2 giant intercoolers and side exhaust that shoot out flames. Drive in hood-cam to see flames shoot straight from the engine!

The entire car is pitched forwards and the centre portion of the top of the car has been beveled down, which aids in creating aerodynamic downforce.

This super-charged car also sports a metal badge, exclusive only to NFSW Elite Cars.

Be among the first to add this muscle Elite to your garage! Head over to the Car Dealer and join the “Elite” club today!

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