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May 19, 2013, 7:39 a.m.

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New Textures for The VW Golf R32 + Logo

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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So this is the new texture file i've spent a long time making, because this is one my personal preferred cars in the game. Normally texture mods are just changing the look of the headlights or rearlights. Changing the "Misc" textures is something pretty new to Carbon, expect one mod, but i'm inspired my Porsche 4ever's texture mods in MW, where he did new Misc textures, and lots of other cool stuff, for example some of the cool new logos.

This Texture mod features:

-Darker HD headlights
-LED rear lights (Ti-Sonic's texture mod in MW)
-New interior(Blue racing seats, door panels, and accents on the steering wheel, also a little bit darker.)
-New logo
-Black chrome wheels with the "VW" Logo
-New dark grille
-Clearer, new and brighter "Misc" textures(Brightened badges and blacked out the"GTI" badge on one of the Bodykits

*Installation is in the Read Me, as well as here just in case.


-Easily just go to car directory, Windows this is NFS Carbon/CARS/R32: Mac users is NFS am a Mac user :P)
-And also make a backup of the current texture and then place the new texture in the R32 folder.
-For Secondary logo, Open NfsTexEd, to open FrontB1.lzc, in your game's directory, then import, click save and enjoy.




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