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Special Save game with bonus cars in carrer and with 0% career progress

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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This is a very special save-game for nfs carbon with 0% career progress(i.e. i have evaded first pursuit,no option). The game contains following car in career car lot:
1. BMW M3 GTR(Now with replaceable vinyls)
2. Audi LeMas Quattro
3. Pagani Zonda
4. Koinegsegg CCX
5. Chevy Camaro Concept
6. Darius' Supra
7. Kenji's RX-7
8. Kenji's Lancer
9. Angie's R/T
10. Angie's Challenger concept
11. Wolf's DB9
12. Wolf's Lamborghini murçielago
13. Jaguar XK ( the one which appears in cutscenes with darius)
14. Cross' Corvette (Guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!)

My youtube video:

You can select any car to drive and show the Wolf, Darius, Kenji and Anjie who's the boss!!!. Except cars everything is locked as per game default so if someone is interested to unlock reward cards by him/her self they can do it.

This is my first custom save-game i made because other save-games do not contain Collector edition cars. Please appreciate if you like

This Save-game is made on Collector's Edition. You can try it on normal version but at your own risk. Use save editor for fixing checksum errors or cd key errors.
I made this save game in intentoin with keeping all the contents as original as possible.

If any other problem appears then feel free to say. I will reply quickly as soon as i can. And this career is started from exotics section(I wanted to drive neveille his gallardo in race).


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