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May 16, 2015, 9:35 p.m.

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Sonic retextures for Porsche 918 (Part 1)

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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I've made some retextures that reveal this Porsche 918's identity as the "Sonic Speed Star"!!

I've spent approximately TWO HOURS of intimidation making this project:
-I have struggled to adjust the vinyl from Sonic's car, rendering it fitting the Porsche's headlights without any bugs.
-It took me at least 10 rounds of testing to make sure the project looks perfect.

There are so many retextures I can make with this Porsche 918. So, let's divide them into two parts.

This is "Part 1".

What are the retextures?:
-Applied BLUE paint job in Bodykit #4
-Added the "Front End" vinyl from Sonic's car to Bodykit #4
-Applied WHITE paint job in Bodykit #4, but only to the area inside the Front End vinyl

Steps to install:

Step 1: Go to Corvettez06's garage and install Porsche 918. (For this scenario, these retextures are for the car mod that replaces Porsche Carrera GT.)

Step 2: Copy the TEXTURE file and paste it to the car that the mod replaces. (To avoid further confusion, the pasting location is Carbon's diectory.)

Corvettez06 - Porsche 918
Giovane - Sonic's Front End vinyl
nfsu360 - Texed
Martin Wright Graphics - DXT Bitmap
playername44 - Retexturing this car for Carbon


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