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NFS Carbon Save Game with 60+ Cars in Safe House Garage in Career

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Saved Game with All Cars in Garage
This save contains all cars from car dealer and bonus cars like BMW M3 GTR, Audi LeMans Darius, etc in Career Garage. Yes, we have 60+ Cars in safe house, how cool is this? :D
WARNING: Be careful. I'm not responsible for damage your game or corrupt this save! Read instructions and remember this: Don't try to sell your cars from Garage, game crashed when you do it.

1.All cars are tuned and can be customisable.
2.Not have police cars in garage right now. If anyone want Police Cars, I make a new saved game with these cars.
3.Career completion 7% (feel free to beat bosses with any car you want).
4.Can't buy cars in "My Cars" (why, because game have 75 slots customisable for cars, and already they are occupied).
5.Carreful with this step: !!!!This Cars List (below) use the same tuning slots from Bonus Cars and Custom Cars Section!!!
-When you try to customize these cars, any modification about these, appears on the same Cars from Bonus or Custom Section, depends what the cars is!

*Custom Cars
-Audi LeMans Darius
-Chevy Camaro Concept
-Chevy Chevelle SS
-Shelby GT 500
-Koenigsegg CCX
-Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
-Lexus IS 300
-Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T
-Pagani Zonda F
-Plymouth Road Runner
-Pontiac GTO
-Porsche 911 GT3 RS
-Toyota Corolla GT-S
-Toyota MR-2

*Bonus Cars
-Shelby GT500 (1967) from Bonus Cars
-Chevy Corvette Cross from Bonus

6.Doesen't found bugs till now, tell me if you find, and if possible i try to fix it.
7.When you beat a boss don't try to select pink slip with bosses cars. Game Crashed. (Or not, i didn't tried, but I'm sure game crashes).
8.Enjoy and have fun.
9.Don't try upload this saved game on different sites without my permission, if you want, contact me on PM. Any questions, or anything else, contact me! ;)



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