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Fantasy Team Police Undercovers

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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You have successfully escaped from old bridge to Palmont city and that police team had defeated. Cross said something about this to Darius, so he given permission to the team to coming in Palmont for arresting you, because he doesn't wanna lose his city.

About Cars:
All cars has converted from Real Racing 3.
BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R replaces Civic Undercover Cruiser.
Nissan GTR replaces State Undercover Vehicle.
Ferrari LaFerrari replaces Federal Undercover Vehicle.

Cars Features:
-Damage Body, Windows, Brakelights, Headlights, Trunk (beside Ferrari), Front & Rear Bumpers
-Cut Off Doors & Hood
-Chrome Black Body Paint
-Pearl Black Window Tint
-Gold Rims (BMW)
-Attend Cars In Busted Sence
-LOD Parts
-Silver Rotors
-Working Brakelight Textures

Team Features:
-Unlimited number of cops
-They make roadblocks & spike strips, so quickly!
-They are really Professional, Fast and Hardcore!
-No heart, no mercy
-You will get 100,000 bounty, by disabling them

Not found yet.

1-If you have found any bugs, let me know.
2-BMW and Ferrari models has ripped by DMN and Nissan model has ripped by Eclipse 72rus aka Corvettez06.
3-It only works on level heat 8.
4-Extract the archive with 7z.
5-Your game version must be 1.2 or newer.

Used Tools:
NFS Carbon Mod Tools
ZModeler 2.2.5 Registered
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable
NFS TexEd 0.9.1
NFS VltEd v2.1

Special Thanks to:
Firemonkeys –-> Textures & Meshes
nfsu360 –-> Mod Tools & Texture Editor & VLT Editor
RENESiS –-> Mod Installer
Oleg Melashenko –-> ZModelers
Adobe –-> Photoshop
NVIDIA –-> Supporting DDS Textures on Photoshop
DMN –-> Ripping BMW & Ferrari Models
Eclipse 72rus –-> Great Helps & Ripping Nissan Model
Porsche 4ever –-> Great Helps
AJ_Lethal –-> Great Helps
ArturoPlayerOne –-> Great Helps
Ti-Sonic –-> Great Helps
Tails –-> Great Helps
kimberlyn –-> Great Helps
speedycat –-> Great Helps
BodyKiT –-> Great Helps
MiHaN –-> Great Helps
Modder900 –-> New Modding Method

… and someone's, If I forgot them and sorry!

Before downloading, you MUST agree that you WON'T (WILL NOT) uploading it anywhere, editing any files of this archive and using anything from this.




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