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Unlockable AI + Fast bonus cars (Xtreme update) 9/23/2019

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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This is a mod I said I would make in a comment, and here it finally is.

This mod is pretty much the full game rebalance without any rebalancing at all, just vanilla NFSC, it does have the same crash physics though.

There are downvote spammers, UG Knuckles, and two others. Please do not be scared off, and leave a up vote to combat it if you like this mod.

Edit: I added a savegame zip which has a folder save for each transmission type. (Put the desired savegame into NFS Carbon documents folder, I recommend using save editor or extra options to use them.)

Edit: I heavily recommend using muscle or tuner for career if you want to have a easier time against bosses.



- Tripled difficulty of cops or roughly more. (Nerfed weight of cops.)
- Test canyon in pursuit tag. (Don't know if it works.)
- Three drift races to choose online through circuit mode. (Kimei Temple, Main Street Drift, Journeyman's Bane.)
- The online drift races do not have point counters they play like circuits.
- All bonus cars now have upgrades to the fastest class/tier car in their class/tier. (Mainly performance sliders.)
- Custom cops/traffic that have player car function.
- All cops are unlockable, along with different weight class traffic cars.
- New race on left side of map unlocks all the newly available cars.
- Boss races reward bonus cars of each car class. (Includes Tier 3 canyons.)
- BMW M3 GTR has the ability to drive through all objects and cars.
- BMW M3 GTR also now has a turbo sound.
- Some better car sounds on certain cars. (Too many to name.)
- 25,000 cash per race for the races you completed.
- Muted tire sounds


[Separate competitive verison]

- Added competitive version of mod which bans overpowered cars, and no nos regen, with high nos capacity.
- To clear confusion, the competitive version bans cars by making them "Tier 999"


9/23/2019 Xtreme:
- Drive through traffic.
- More powerful tuning settings.
- NFSW GMZ Mazdaspeed 3.
- New nos.


- A.I./Traffic/Cops have no stats, to prevent lower tier cars from showing incorrect top speed, etc.
- This mod works in private lobbies if you want to play with your friend(s). (They need to have it.)
- Using any bonus/cop car in online with upgrades on, without the other person having the mod, causes crashes.

[Unpatchable bug + resolve]
- Using this on a old savegame prevents unlocking the new additions and you will need to
redo a race in order to go from 98% to 100% completion again.
- You will need a new savegame like SGBAI/Full game rebalance mod.


[WARNING] Please do not forget to back up global by copying and pasting it in a seperate folder.



- Put the GLOBAL files into your NFSC folder, where you installed carbon. (Experienced users.)

- The default installation is @ the following:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon"

- Put the the new global files inside of this zip into the GLOBAL folder there.

- How do you access the traffic/cops? Just find someone's profile with A.I. cars, should be simple.
(You could also watch a tutorial on how to install a profile, etc.)


- nfsu360 for creating VLT-Ed tool.
- Me for making the new in-game values.
- Shoutout to (Obey) Neon for telling me how to make custom rewarded cars.



My online account name: NATESOARES.


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