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Performance port from most wanted

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Great, downvote spammers.

This update includes now an installer, so no messing up with so many scripts. Detailed description given below as well as in installer. Report any mistake.

Hello gentlemen of the internet,
First of all, this description is going to be very long, so if you are sick of reading description, just install this modscript after making backup of your game.
You will need vltedit to install this script. Download it from here:;=0B6up8z2vCCG9bnFQMWo3WV9nYzQ 
After opening vltedit, open your game in vltedit by ctrl+o, select your game folder. Note that if you are using tuning mod, it will show error. So have your original global folder first.
After that press ctrl+i>open scripts as given number. 
As I said, I would be working on to port performance from mw to carbon, because some cars have very good performance but they are bad cars in carbon. So here it is. Since the modscript is way too long, I have divided mod into small parts. This mod also combines my previous enhancement mod, and it is recommended to use this instead of previous mod.
 The zip contains
Global folder: this is required to have replacable vinyls on some bonus cars which cannot be replaced in normal game like bmw, shelbygt500, etc.

One click performance port: this modscript contains every single value ported from mw to carbon. That means now your car which was in mw, will now handle and top speed exactly as it used to be in mw. Except for monaro parts. More on that later. 
Also, this script contains fix for gto and is300, which was earlier not upgradable. 
This script modifies the sound volume of the engine.
Enable car in career shop: this script just enables the car to appear in carlot, this does not unlocks the car in garage. You will need unlock all things to view some cars which cannot be unlocked in game. More on unlock cars later.
Performance bar fix: this script just removes redundant values, which previously showed incorrect stats of car.
Enable more variety of opponents: this script enables some cars as opponents, which were never meant to be the opponents like bmw, zonda, shelbyn, etc. Do note that difficulty level increases due to such car in game plus with the performance port, the ai can get much harder sometimes.
Heli enabled: this script is just an attempt to enable heli in carbon. Note that heli will not fly. But don’t complain about its terrible ai because sometimes it will be pain in ass and sometimes fun to watch.
Missing pvehicle node: Speedtest is back with a bang! this script contains the cars which have been cut in carbon are now added to the game. Note that atm it uses similar/different model. Once globaled is out, model can be replaced with slight modification in script. The cars are a3, tt, cts, bmwm3gtr, lancerevo8, 911 turbo s, m3gtrcareerstart, etc. 
Missing traffic: some of the traffic cars were unused. They have been added to the world.
Player cop fix: this script fixes the performance of the cop cars, fix the cop gto car which earlier was used as copsporthench. This script makes the corvette unlock at end of game.
Traffic in car lot: this script enables some traffic car in garage. Traffic cars are from mw. Traffic cars unlock with dumptruck challenge.
Crosschase extended: one of my mods from enhancement mod, this takes the chase to the real finishline.
Copter in garage: for some reason, there is unused copter parameter as a drivable thing. I have just enabled that in this script. It will need unlockallthings to use it in game.
Enhanced gameplay: this script enables traffic and cops in certain events, like duel or canyonsprint, etc.
Misc fix: this script fixes some of the unused turbo for some cars, sound of some cars and verbalcodes, which is responsible for the cop to identify car.
Monaro fix: this script fixes the performance of the monaro. Basically it uses gto performance, so it is outside of performance script. Mw performance part for monaro is broken and this is the reason why monaro uses gto performance in mw.
997s and mazda3sport fix: this script only adds these two cars in game. Mazda3sport uses punto parts (leftover). For proper model fix, use the fix by gxp(it is recommended).
Pvehicle mw2c: this script basically ports the shifting style and the turbo sound used exactly the way it was used in mw. Optional, only if you are a mw fan.
Unlock fix: the important script, this makes all the cars in game(except copter) to unlock via offline gameplay. Cars like gto, is300 can only be unlocked online previously. All other addon cars have their own unlock script. 
There is txt file for cars which guides how to unlock that car (some may be confusing but all cars will unlock if you complete all offline events.
Wolf safehouse location fix: this makes the spawn of wolf safehouse at its original location. I see why the devs moved it because it almost coincides the race event in event map. Maybe they just wanted to avoid that confusion.
Casino safehouse test: this is the experiment I was doing, but I don’t think it is useful, because it remains unlocked all the time.

It took me literally 2 months to build all this. Damn! There will be some errors, just ignore it. The cars are addon cars and not replacement. Also, unlike my previous enhancement mod, save of this mod will not crash in your original game.
This mod uses some parts of felipe's tuning mod. Every script is made by my own and not stolen from someone else. 
You can use this scripts in your own mod also, and I want you to know that this looks easy, but it is real time consuming. Motivation goes down if you don’t get credit.

Recommended tools/mods
Widescreen fix: 
Extra options: 
Porsche 997s, 911turbos, mazda3sport model fix: 
Any other I don’t know
Nfsu360 for vltedit and vlt compatible tuning mod.
Gxp for crash fix and verbalcode library
Felipe for his tuning mod
Me: for wasting my time on this (pm me on discord if you want vlt compatible tuning mod)

Remaining tasks: 
sound import from mw enhancement mod
Heat levels from mw
Expand the boss race and bring back endgame duel


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