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Performance upgrades for Bonus Cars, Skin fixes, and more

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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(There's a lot more info found in the readme file)
This pack is a compilation of fixes that I've made, both old and new. I included some of my older ones so you wouldn't 
have to get them individually.

*UPDATE 1.2 - Fixed an issue where driving the MR2 felt unbearably slow

Included in this mod:
- Blank bonus car skins (now you can add vinyls to cars that originally had a stock preset vinyl)
- Performance upgrades for bonus cars! (Excludes police cars and the Le Mans Quattro. The Dump Truck and Fire Truck are given 996 speedtest parts though XD)
- Bonus cars can be used as race opponents
- Various texture fixes 

To install:

Make sure to install it on a clean & untouched GLOBAL folder.

1. Download NFS VLTEd -
2. Select File-Import and choose the .nfsms file you want. You can install them separately, but I've also included a script that installs them all at once. Your choice.
3. Save and exit
*always back up your GLOBAL folder and save game!

I highly recommend installing these mods too:

IS300, GTO, and BMW M3 GTR model fixes -
Porsche 997 Carrera S and GT3 RS model fixes -
Porsche 996 Turbo S model fix by -
NFSC Extra Options -!RIAmEBDQ!7lMxi72nVIyDQ4JhbSZbdaBHuzbVtRw6BOeFBpEca7E


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