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NFSC Invincible Mod

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Need For Speed Carbon: Invincible Cars Mod by Globe Hacks


Description: NFSC Invincible Cars Mod makes yours and AI car invincible to World attributes of the game.


* You can no longer crash or hit world objects around you. Instead, you can go through objects and AI opponent. AI racers can do the same……  which means that your crew 'Neville' and 'Sampson' block feature no longer work on opponents.

* When you hit traffic and/or police car, you will not slow down and your car remains unaffected regardless of their weight; your speed will remain the same as you hit them. You can smash cops/traffic cars like easy now, even fire/semi-trucks and trailers (see screenshots 1,2,3 & 5).


1. Download the latest version of NFS VLTEd here:

2. Open the VLTEd and click "file", then click "open". (CTRL+O)
Locate your game directory folder. 

3. Press the import hotkey (CTRL+I). Then click the folder "NFSC invincible mod" and select "Invincible Cars.nfsms"
Click "close" when script box appear. then "save" (CTRL+S).


Repeat step 3 from instruction above but this time, select "Restore.nfsms"
Click "close" when script box appear, then "save" (CTRL+S).

If there're any problems, let me know or let me know right here.
sorry for any bad english because i'm asian.

Hope you enjoy it.


* NFSU360 for NFS VLT-Ed tool.
* EA - Need For Speed Carbon
* Globe Hacks - NFSC Invincible Mod
* You - for downloading and enjoying the mod.

(P.S. administrators if I am missing any credits, pls let me know and I will edit desc.)

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