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1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution (Evo III) (E30) [Add-On]

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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NFS Carbon
1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution (Evo III) (E30)

Technical Information:

Converted by: nlgzrgn
Converted from: NFS World
Replaces: Nothing
Car folder name (XName): BMWM3E30



Autosculpt Parts:
    - None

Aftermarket Parts:
    - Body Kits: Stock + 5 (0-2 w/ Chrome Grill Frame, 3-5 w/ Plastic Grill Frame)
    - Spoilers
    - Rims
    - Hoods: Stock + 7 (w/ or w/o Badging + M-Style Colored Grill)
    - Roof Scoops
    - Engine: Street, Race
    - Transmission: Street, Race
    - Suspension: Street, Race
    - Nitrous: Street, Race, Pro
    - Tires: Street, Race
    - Brakes: Street, Race
    - Turbo / Supercharger: Street, Race
    - Paint
    - Vinyls
    - Rim Paint
    - Window Tint
    - Ride Height



- Own performance data from NFS World with some small changes.
- Available after winning Chinatown Tram (tn_2_3) sprint race in career mode. (Cost: 75,000)
- Vanilla "Paul" driver model from NFS Carbon.
- LOD parts
- Working brakelights on/off textures.
- Damage (Scratches)
- Own collision data from NFS World.
- Source files w/ a customized version of Geometry Compiler (Modding Resource)


Known Issues:

- None so far.
- Please report if you see any other issues.



1) Create backups of these files:
    - Frontend: FrontB1.lzc
    - Global: Attributes.bin, FE_Attrib.bin, Gameplay.bin, Gameplay.lzc, GlobalB.bun, GlobalB.lzc
    - Languages: Whole folder

2) Install NFSC Unlimiter or Car Array Patch

3) Install the "_BMWM3E30-Setup.nfsms" using NFS-VltEd:
        1) Download NFS-VltEd and install it:
        2) Open NFS-VltEd. When the main window appears, select File > Open from the menu bar.
        3) A new dialog will appear. Choose your game installation directory.
        4) Select File > Import > ModScript from menu bar, or press "Ctrl+I".
        5) Select the "_BMWM3E30-Setup.nfsms" from the dialog and click OK.
        6) Mod script installation dialog will appear. Click Install to install the mod.
        7) Save the files by selecting File > Save from menu bar, or pressing "Ctrl+S".
        8) Quit the tool.
        - Note: It's recommended to reinstall the car with every new update. But when you do that, VltEd may show some errors. You can safely ignore them.

4) Add other required stuff in game files using Ed:
        1a) If you don't have Ed, download it from here:
        1b) If you have Ed, copy the contents of "Ed" folder into your copy of "Ed".
        2) Run the tool using "Ed.exe" file.
        3) From the menu bar, click open and select your game installation directory.
        4) Click "Apply" button. The files should get created in the folder you used the tool.
        5) Quit the tool.
5) If this is the first mod you are installing, use the "Unlock Memory Files" option in Tools menu of Ed.
6) Run your game and create a new save game.
    - Or you can somehow add the car into your car lot.
    - Protip: Find B02FFF5BB02FFF5B01 in game memory and replace it with 4E37E81F5446AA8301.

7) Enjoy your new car!


Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

+ Added hoods w/ or w/o badging and M-Style Colored Grill.
+ Added 3 new body kits (with Plastic Grill Frame).
* Fixed backside of tires having a part of tread.

! Initial release.



- 379Felipe for their huge help, so I was able to get the car unlocked after winning a race and fix the bouncing issue.
- nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-VltEd and NFSC Mod Tools, which make modding the game just easier.
- Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler v2.2.5, where most of the conversion work is done.
- Ton Roosendaal and Blender Foundation for Blender v2.79, which I used to keep the original part names after extracting the car.
- nlgzrgn for NFSC Unlimiter and converting the car.


© 2019 nlgzrgn @ ExOpts Team. No rights reserved.


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