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Mazda Mod-Prime

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Well "Let the party begin !!" I take several days and many hours but this is just beautiful. I think I'll call it "Mod-Prime".

Remember this:

° _ Remember, don't use this script if you have new body modifications to your cars in your game (new car replacements). If you apply this script without following this warning, it will damage your game's global file and you will no longer be able to make new changes.

° _ Always make a backup of everything you are going to replace to test my scripts.

° _ Don't forget to have a wonderful day and thanks for trying this modification. There will be much more soon …

°_ Use NFS-VltEd 4.5 to install.

What backup copies must be made?

You have to back up your global folder and the cars folder. So if you decide to remove my script you can reset your game. But the changes you have made in your "new save game" will not be affected, so you can keep all the "special" cars unlocked with my script (you can keep the BMW GTR3 and other cars).

Why the cars folder?

It is simple, if you use new body replacements (car replacements), when applying the script all the cars you have changed will be affected in their loading position on their wheels. And you will no longer be able to install new car replacement mods because "the global file loads as damaged".

HOW CAN I AVOID WHEEL ERROR? It is simple, follow these steps.

° 1_ You apply any script, it does not matter if it is not one created by me.
° 2_ Unzip all the files of the body mod.
° 3_ Download a new body wherever you want, whenever it is in the game.
° 4_ You go to the car folder where you are going to replace your body and replace only "texture and geometry".

° 5_ Now open NFS-VltEd 4.5 or NFS-VltEd 4.6. And it is going to install a new script, but this time it will select the file that came in the car body and that has an extension ".carbon", then it will select "automatic carbon configuration", it will install the script and voila! ! Wheel error should not occur.

° _ Make a copy of your original file before installing it, in case errors occur or are not to your liking. I am not responsible if your game gets damaged by installing these mods, he is playing for days and everything works. Okay, but I don't know what kind of modification you have made in your game that can cause conflict. So I suggest again and make a copy of everything that you are going to replace. Use NFS-VltEd 4.5 to install. :D

° _ The following cars and their engines were modified for better performance and speed balancing: Alfa Romeo Brera, Chevrolet Camaro Super Sports, Nissan240sx. All achieve higher torque like for example the mazda rx-8 (the mountain is your way), even cars like the chevrolet camaro super sports car is now faster.

° _ Because many cars are poisoned with nitrous enhancement, engine enhancements, etc. The nissan 240sx will still be a "type 2" to be a good rival, but. Its acceleration was increased (also its suspension ) at the cost of subtracting some of its maximum speed. That is why now the maximum speed of the nissan 240sx in manual transmission is 360 km / h (previous 390km / h). Thus becoming worthy rivals for example: Alfa romeo brera, chevrolet camaro super sports, mazda rx-8 that haunt and even almost exceed that maximum speed. BUT! if you use the nissan 240sx with its automatic transmission you will notice it cannot accelerate to more than 305km / h. That's a good balance of power with "types, 1, 2, and 3" (you know to balance transmissions, use the user script "sparx"). The Chevelle was also touched for me and now exceeds 350km / h so it is now a "type 2" car.

° _ If you start a new game for example with the chevrolet camaro super sport. The Koenigsgg CCX and Camaro Concept will already be available at the dealership for purchase. If you use "NFSC Save Editor "all other cars including audio lemans and bmw, will also be unlocked at the dealership (and story mode.)

° _ These cars also received a great improvement and now exceed 300km / h: clio v6, Chevelle, eclipse gt, rx7, db9, bmw, and others.

° _ The torque obtained by nitro was improved, infinite nitrous is no longer needed (but you can use it anyway, still there).

° _ Most of the "challenge mode" cars were improved.

° _ "Challenge Mode" is now, at times, more challenging with these enhancements.

° _ Nitrous tanks: If you buy a larger nitrous tank, you will get a slower discharge and higher torque. Also a faster tank refill.

° _ The filling capacity of nitro tanks is almost instantaneous (try it in challenge mode).

° _ Unloading from tanks is slower.

° _ Stock cars already have nitro included. But although it brings a higher torque than you are used to, they empty with greater speed, if you buy improvements, better will be the results.

° _ All race cars (even those in "fast racing" mode) are enabled as random opponents.

° _ ALL cars have a cost value of $ 0.

° _ Car paints are now $ 100.

° _ Vinyls now cost $ 100.

° _ The adjustment parts like nitro, suspension and others, now cost $ 1000 (so you will have to spend.)

° _ Modified turbocharger recharge: Now the turbocharger charges almost instantly.

A LOT OF MONEY!! (Although you don't need that much anymore.)
Honestly, this to put a lot of money I did it more to save you the time of editing your game to enter money flows although everything is at a low cost. Win it freehand! or at least have you tried

with this help.

° _ Money of protection when defeating leaders of territory (money card): $ 20,000

° _ Random race time reduced to 10 seconds of waiting per match.

° _ Each race will give you $ 20,000 in any territory.

° _ Offenses: If you are caught, the fine will be 100,000 for every 1.

° _ Improved crew! Your team members will no longer be left behind during a race, in theory.

° _THE POLICE WAS IMPROVED! (Now they will give everything to stop your car). In a "conviction 1" chase the police may put up roadblocks and use skewers as well. There's even a possibility

elevated that the police helicopter follows you, many more police in less time will join the chase but also increases the speed of "safe zone". The higher the sentence

the more difficult it will make you escape.

° _ THE POLICE NOW HAVE NITROSO !! All police cars now use nitrous.

° _ All the police cars (even the usable ones, like the light rhino), have competition nitro.

° _ All the territory leaders cars (kengi, angela, wolf), were improved.

° _ Repaired: All manufactured parts no longer return to their base state when the car is traveling at high speed. Now when the car goes at high speed ALL ITS PARTS INCLUDED MANUFACTURED WHEELS retain their state manufactured by the user.

ther improvements and repairs, etc, etc, etc ..

Well imagine that you would like to start a new game, so I left you one that already has some completed "challenge mode" races, with screenshots included. You just have to defeat kengi in the canyon, something very easy. You will notice that the rx-8 with which you conquer the territory of bushido will leave you, if you conquer the territory with a car in stock, just for fun and to prove that everything will work well. It only remains that you defeat kengi in the cannon (again), I did it playing with that rx8 in stock and in modified stock. Look at the game statistics and then tell me.

° _ By the way I almost forgot to mention that, that mazda rx-8 that left you there, has a new engine, with more torque, is more stable and takes turns more easily (the car in stock, was made new and its change It does NOT affect the modified rx-8), its state is harder to face patrol cars. It's almost perfect for any race (I even beat the bushido leader with it, in the barrel, in stock before I reset it, I'm out of range). And it is, along with the mod. My gift to my friends "Anna" and, "barrabas". For enthusiastically supporting this project and giving me some ideas. This Mazda RX-8 (his favorite car) goes at a speed of 292km / h (standard speed of Ramdom racers). Although if you improve it by updating your engine with new parts, its speed is 362km / h. Enjoy it! (If you do a complete upgrade you will have a very different performance and almost as good.)

Features of my Mazda RX-8 - nicknamed - "The Alpha Prime Group Interceptor".

Known issues:
As the torque is too much, the car during the start has problems when taking momentum, in the gear changes. To solve this just use nitro. If you don't have nitro, try to "burn rubber" (while accelerating and keeping the car straight, apply the brake), that should help (to skid in circles, do it yourself but now turn to the side you want).

New engine and improved transmission: The engine has more torque, so it gains momentum more easily like a "muscle-type car, type 2". Although its maximum speed is 292km / h, which reaches from one moment to another. It also has a v8 engine sound.

All stock cars now have nitrous, including this one!

Suspension and brakes: The suspension was improved to the point of rivaling the audi's suspension. In tight corners you shouldn't have problems. The brakes were also improved by increasing their responsiveness.

Chassis: The chassis hardness has been increased, so hitting vehicles should not slow down to nearly 0. It is also good for hitting patrol cars, or blocking cars during races.

I am the one who made these modifications. DO NOT COPY TO ANYONE OR NEVER USE ANYONE ELSE'S WORK. My names are Jesús Alejandro Salinas. They nickname me "guacho". My country? Argentina.

If you plan to upload my work to another place, be nice and give me credit for my work. If instead you want to make some modifications, do not forget to mention me when you upload it, I will also be happy to

to be able to try an improvement on everything I did. If you think this could improve, please help me understand how, explaining step by step or do it yourself. I'm just a simple hobbyist.

Note: If you use the transmission rebalance modscript, the user did: "sparx" (polished automatic transmission). You get more out of this.


BTW, thanks for downloading and testing this mod. Have a nice and prosperous day.


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