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No traffic cars in the game

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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There are no traffic cars in the game.

All appearances of traffic vehicles during the game were disabled. But, the fire truck and garbage truck are still available to be used in "fast race mode" and "challenge mode". Since this change does not affect them. Thanks for trying this modification, have a nice day and don't forget to make these recommendations before:

° _ This script does NOT change anything other than car traffic in your game.

° _ Remember, don't use this script if you have new body modifications to your cars in your game (new car replacements). If you apply this script without following this warning, it will damage your game's global file and you will no longer be able to make new changes.

°_ Use NFS-VltEd 4.5 to install.

° _ Always make a backup of everything you are going to replace to test my scripts.

° _ Remember. Don't forget to have a wonderful day and thanks for trying this modification. There will be much more soon …

What backup copies must be made?
You have to back up your global folder and the autos folder. So if you decide to remove my script you can reset your game. But the changes you have made in your "new game" will not be affected, so you can keep all the "special" cars unlocked with my script (you can keep the BMW GTR3 and other cars).

Why the cars folder?
It is simple, if you use new body replacements (car replacements), when applying the script all the cars you have changed will be affected in their loading position on their wheels. And you will no longer be able to install new car replacement mods because "the global file loads as damaged".

HOW CAN I AVOID WHEEL ERROR? It is simple, follow these steps.


° 1_ You apply any script, it does not matter if it is not one created by me.

° 2_ Unzip all the files of the body mod.

° 3_ Download a new body wherever you want, whenever it is in the game.

° 4_ You go to the car folder where you are going to replace your body and replace only "texture and geometry".

° 5_ Now open NFS-VltEd 4.5 or NFS-VltEd 4.6. And it is going to install a new script, but this time it will select the file that came in the car body and that has an extension ".carbon", then it will select "automatic carbon configuration", it will install the script and voila! ! Wheel error should not occur.


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