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License Plate Anniversary Need For Speed Carbono

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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License plate anniversary NFSC
I leave you one last thing before I go, I understand that I am no longer a welcome player here. So, due to the anniversary of the game, I made a special license plate. Because you know, the game loads 2 licenses. This is when the car is in the shelter. October 6 is the anniversary of the game, it is 14 years old (yes, that's right, I made many important changes to my game and I will continue to do so even if I no longer share them here). Thanks for trying my mods and again, sorry if I ruined your gaming experience with my mods, that's why I told you to always make a backup so that if you regret it you can revert the changes.
By the way, some bodywork mods do not have license plates, so if you don't see the license plate on the car it is because the creator of the mod did not include a license plate on the body. It will make you curious that some cars that I have have their logo when one did not come in the mod. Well it's simple, I included the missing logo.
The original license plate is from a small image I took from google, from the game yes, but from the world version. With effort and patience I converted it to the carbon mountain version, or as you know it best "NFS Carbon". Enjoy it, it is a last gift from me to you!

how to install?

1_ download nfs text messages.
2_ open nfs text messages.
3_ (I found this on my own) open "FrontB1.Lzc" in the "FRONTEND" folder.
4_ find the original plate and choose it.
5_ replace it with the new board (this is to show it in all game menus)
6_ save and exit.
7_ enjoy the new license plate.


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